A great fall recipe: Slow Cooker Quinoa Chicken Chili

Fall for me isn’t about the leaves, or cozy boots, and definitely not anything pumpkin (blech). It DOES mean time to dust off my slow cooker! Hooray!! Dave and I have been really bad at meal planning this summer… and most of September. But we’re trying to get back into the swing of things, and […]

Oatmeal: I’ve been doing it wrong…

Up until recently, I hated oatmeal. I mean HATED. I only ate it when I was very, very, VERY sick, and even then, it was more for comfort than anything else. But then, the other day, I wasn’t feeling too hot and stopped by one of the many deli/cafe/whatever-you-call-thems that are all over the city, […]

Guest Post: My Wife, Sandwich Nazi

As promised in my last post, Dave and I have prepared a tutorial for you on how I like my sandwiches made for lunch. Well, Dave wrote up the instructions. I took the pictures. (Please note that a lot of this is blatant lies and slander. I’ll let you figure out what parts are actually […]

I have some weird food habits

I once wrote about my finicky food issues (and was relieved that I wasn’t the only one!) But it doesn’t end there. Oh no! The weirdness continues! In addition to having major dislikes, and stipulations about how my food is plated, I also eat certain things in particular ways… Double Stuf Oreos – First of […]

I freakin LOVE food trucks – Food Truck Rally @ Grand Army Plaza

You guys remember Street Food Fridays? Where Doniree, Jess, Gretchen and I roamed the streets looking for and sampling all the tasty food trucks that our respective cities had to offer? Why’d we stop that again? Oh right, because I stupidly thought that all food trucks stopped during the winter, which is NOT TRUE, FYI. […]

A nice, low key celebration

Man this last week just FLEW by. With Independence Day and visiting my office with Sadie and just running around during Dave’s first full week off, it’s been a whirlwind. Not to mention Sadie was a major cranky baby last week (I think she was having a growth spurt), which put a damper on my […]