Smorgasburg and Street Art in Brooklyn

Living and working on Long Island gives me little reason to visit the five boroughs unless it’s to visit family in Queens or The Bronx. And that’s sad because there is so much to see and do! Recently I headed out to Brooklyn to meet Arielle and have a girls day. I’ve known this girl […]

Four Hours in Nashville, TN

Ok, I actually spent more than four hours in Nashville, but the time I was out and about was around that, and I was actually in Nashville for like 22 hours. I spent the week prior in Atlanta for a work event, then flew to Nashville for a quick site visit to a hotel we […]

Eating and Drinking Our Way Through Vermont

Here’s a tip: if you’re dieting or doing something like Whole 30 DO NOT GO TO VERMONT! There is just too much temptation. I mean it’s the land of beer, cheese and maple syrup for goodness sake! I tried so hard to stick to Whole 30 and by day two my resolve was gone. WORTH IT. […]

Munchery – a Review

As a full time working mom getting dinner on the table is almost always a struggle. Now I can’t lie – Dave makes dinner probably 85% of the time. He usually gets home before I do and is great at whipping up meals organically where I rely heavily on recipes. I have an even harder […]

Crispy Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings

We are BIG wings fans in the Rose household. Sadie especially – she loves gnawing the meat off the bone! As much as we love them I rarely make them at home. I find that a lot of the recipes I’ve tried whether the wings are fried or slow cooked are just too greasy. SO […]

I went snowboarding and I didn’t die! And I ate food so good I almost died!

Woo hoo! I’m alive!!! Our trip up to Belleayre this weekend was a lot of fun and I didn’t melt into a blubbering puddle. As I mentioned before I have a major fear of heights and falling and I was having a lot of anxiety about the weekend due to my fears but it wound […]