Nobody does it like Sandra Lee! (Sorry Sara…)

Everyone has their issues with certain TV chefs, right? Just me? Oh well, bear with me anyway. 😉 For example, I love Rachael Ray recipes, but the sound of her voice makes me want to stick lit firecrackers in my ears. Jamie Oliver is super cute and I love his healthy eating in schools cause, […]

"When the moon hits you eye like a big (Sicilian) pizza pie…that’s amore!"

On Saturday, Dave and I trekked, not unlike many adventurers before us, to lands unknown, in order to find the crème de la crème of ethnic foods.  Bridges crossed, GPS cursed at (for sending us to the wrong location!) and over an hour in the car later, we finally made it to our destination. L&B […]

SNOW MY GOD, my new nephew, and Menu Monday!

I hope that if you got hit by the blizzard this weekend that you got to stay home today like I did. (Luckily my office realized they couldn’t go by the school closings like usual, because schools are already closed for the holiday break (I had to remind HR of this.). Regardless, I’m so happy […]