Five on a Friday 9.29.17

OMG, this has been a WEEK. Nothing really happened, but it just felt like it went on for FOREVER. And I had a dentist appointment (and had a cavity – BOO), went home sick one day, have had construction going on in our house… on and on and on! But it’s Friday!!! So here’s some […]

Five on a Friday 9.15.17

Happy Friday! While the weekend is just beginning for most of you I’ll be working straight through! I’m on my way to Austin for an event – woo! But first, I’m linking up with a bunch of bloggers for Five on a Friday/Friday Favorites. {One} I saw this on Facebook and nearly died. It’s SO […]

Five on a Friday 8.18.17

Happy Friday! I swear this week was so long but so short at the same time! Regardless I am SO looking forward to the weekend! {One} We have a new family member – Alexa! Hahah. I got an Amazon Echo and it’s been set up in our house for about a week or so. Sadie […]

Five on a Friday 7.7.17

Happy Friday! This week was so bizarre. I had a three day work week but it felt sooooo long! {One} Sadie is now home with Dave for the summer and if we let her, she’d be on the tablet all day. I saw former blogger Aliya (who is super active on Snapchat now) make a […]

Five on a Friday 6.16.17

Happy Friday! I finally have a teeny, tiny break before traveling again so hopefully, I can start posting more regularly again! So to start, I’m sharing some of my Friday Favorites! 🙂 {One} I just received this dress yesterday that I ordered from Amazon and I am in LOVE. I will post photos with me […]

Five on a Friday 4.21.17

Happy Friday! April has FLOWN by and it just keeps getting busier!! {One} I just discovered that you can have bitmoji on your computer! They added a chrome extension and OMG I am in bitmoji heaven haha. {Two} Sometimes I just need to have mindless TV on when I am home and since we got […]