Five on a Friday 3.8.19

Happy Friday!! I am FINALLY over my travel craziness in February! Woo hoo! Now to get my life and my house back in order. I HATE when my house is all chaotic – it just gives me so much anxiety and I feel so much better when its cleaner. ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s my Five on a […]

Five on a Friday 3.1.19

Happy Friday!! I’m in Vegassssss!!!!! I am happy to have a girls weekend with my friends, but I totally need a break from traveling for a while. This month has been nuts! NUTS. Here’s my Five on a Friday! {One} With being gone for almost two weeks I could not keep up with my Feedly […]

Five on a Friday 2.8.19

Happy Friday!! This week has been long, short, and stressful all at the same time. It’s what always happens when there is an event coming up! Here’s my Five on a Friday! {One} I am headed to Lake Tahoe tomorrow morning and not gonna lie – I’m a little nervous about the weather! Check out […]

Five on a Friday 2.1.19

Happy Friday! This week was going great and then I had to pick up Sadie from school Thursday morning because she had a fever. Sigh. She has been SO SICK this fall and winter it’s insane. Luckily we don’t have many plans for this weekend so we can relax and recoup. Here’s my Five on […]

Five on a Friday 1.25.19

This week draaaaaaaaaagged. Anyone else? Well there’s no rest for the weary because we also have a pretty busy weekend. Sigh. Here we go! Here’s my Five on a Friday! {One} Did you catch my Day in the Life post this week? I’m such a voyeur I love reading these types of posts. It’s amazing […]

Five on a Friday 1.18.19

I am so happy this week is coming to a close! On Monday I got a cold that Sadie had (thank you my dear child) and it slammed me to the ground full force. I went home early on Tuesday I felt so bad and have been working from home ever since. And now I […]