Important Question

Which of the below do we think the young man in the picture below is missing from? The Royal Tannenbaum’s sequel? a Run DMC new member search? or a Sue Sylvester lookalike contest? (Thanks to Rachel for that last one!)

Fat girl in a little coat!

Do you think it’s time for a new, maternity light-weight winter coat? I’m sure the whole unbuttoned-bottom-half-of-the-coat thing will catch on as a fashion trend because of this. Luckily my heavy duty winter coat still fits (for now!) And yes, I left the house like this.  Thank god for unseasonably warm weather!

Wardrobe Overhaul

I don’t know about your husbands/boyfriends/significant others, but when I tell Dave that I have nothing to wear, his eyes roll so far into the back of his skull that he goes partially blind for a few moments. I mean, I have a closet so full of clothing that he is regulated to keeping his […]

"That thong th thong thong thong!"

Ever since I got to work this morning I’ve been trying to figure out what this weird bump under my jeans was, by my left knee. Finally went to the bathroom to inspect. I’ve been walking around all day with a dirty thong tucked into my pants leg. Have fun with that one. All I […]

Foot Fashion Faux Pas

Scene: 6 Train, 8:30ish this morning. Criminal: This chick wearing these HIDEOUS SHOES and LEGGINGS WITH STIRRUPS!!! picture snapped discreetly with my camera phone Seriously…. what the hell is that?? Who thinks that’s ok??!? The shoes are one thing, but then throwing the stirrup leggings into the mix? Oh hell no. This is also my […]