A perfect weekend of sorts

Dave and I often feel like we can never catch a break. Our weeks are hectic with work, long commutes for both of us, and the dropping off and picking up of the Sadie Face at daycare. And what sucks is that because we’re sooooooooooo popular (half kidding – Sadie’s really the popular one) we […]

Happy Father’s Day!

I’m extremely lucky to have some great men in my life. Happy 1st Father’s Day Dave, my wonderful husband, and Happy Father’s Day to all the men in your lives! Daddy and Sadie Grandpa and Sadie – first day home from the hospital! Me, Sadie and her Great Grandpa

My Baby Shower (and mini Baby Bean update)!

Instead of the usual Baby Bean update this week, I wanted to tel you all about my amazing baby shower!!  But for those of you keeping track, here are the Baby Bean stats: 34 weeks along! Only a month and a half to go! (GULP!) Weight gain – approx 25lbs or so.  I think. Baby […]

I didn’t really know where to start this post. I knew that I had to write it, but had no clue where to begin. So, here it is. My mother in law’s fiance has pancreatic cancer. He was diagnosed about a month after our wedding. Why didn’t I say anything until now? I don’t know. […]

I’m lucky to have these memories…

This weekend I randomly thought of a conversation I had with my cousin Tyler, when I was visiting her in Arizona back in June. We were talking about family, and how lucky we are in regards to how close our family is, which I think is a major attribution to our grandmother, who passed away […]