Fiancée Fail

It’s only like, Day 2 of being engaged and I’m already failing as a bride-to-be. It’s become pretty clear early on that I’m not your average bride, all giddy and full of girlish delight and thoughts on how exactly my dress should be, what colors I want, details, etc. I also came to this decision […]

Biscotti FAIL

So the plan was to make this awesome biscotti recipe that I found, that was for Chocolate Nutella biscotti. I mean honestly, how can you possibly go wrong with that? The dough itself was SO GOOD that I kept licking the spoon and my fingers as I was mixing it. But once I started taking […]

Me vs the State of New Jersey

I have never hated the state of New Jersey more than I did yesterday. I was supposed to be heading to Maris’ apartment for some awesome hanging out and cookie decorating for charity. Instead, I got lost in New Jersey for about an hour, and wound up sobbing on the phone to Dave because I […]

"The Crying Stage"

Weight = 110 lbsHeight = 5 feet, 2 inchesAlcohol I consumed last night = 1 beer (Hop Obama, gotta love it), and 4 Dirty Vodka Martinis. Those three factors combined = one very drunk, and now very hungover Lacey. Oh man. Why did I think that was a good idea? I was working the door […]


My picture is on the voting page at!!! The pic was taken in NYC around the upper 40s and 9th Ave. Vote for me!!!


I’m finding that right now I don’t have a lot to say. Yeah there’s the fluff pieces, with Whip-it-Up awesomeness thrown in, and lots of pictures taken with my new fancy camera, but I feel that otherwise there isn’t a lot of substance on this blog right now. Nothing has really been happening. Dave and […]