Hallo from Berlin!

(Really, we’re in Paris now, but who is checking? Oh right, you all are…) I wanted to post about Berlin once we were settled in Amsterdam, but once again, shanty internet has plagued me. Luckily our internet now in Paris works like a charm! Woo!!!! I would live in Berlin. Let’s just throw that out […]

Prague, Part Deux

I realized that besides the Sedlec Ossuary, I forgot a bunch of other things from our time in Prague, in my haste to get a post up. (Silly blogger.) For one, I forgot about the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, which are basically what all tourists come to Prague to see! View of the Charles […]

It’s a Blog About Prague!!

I kept saying to Dave “I have to blog about Prague! I have to blog about Prague!” It was taking me forever, since I kept waiting for all my pictures to go through on Flickr, and the internet here at our hotel is kind of slow. BOO. But they’re all finally up!! You can view […]

"Cheerio!!!" Or should I say "Dobriden!!"

I figured I’d start off with “Cheerio!”, but since we’re in Prague now, “Dobriden!” seemed more correct. ๐Ÿ™‚ London was a lot of fun, even though I had to work part of the time. Dave managed to amuse himself while I was stuck inside, and saw some things that I wouldn’t really mind missing, so […]

Our bags are packed, and we’re ready to go!

Dave and I are currently en route to London!!! Yayyyyy!!!! This weekend was spent putting together all of our clothes and everything we needed to pack for the THREE WEEKS that we’re going to be gone!! The piles of clothes extends across our entire table. And I am SHOCKED at myself that I’m only taking […]


Big news – Dave and I booked our flight for our honeymoon!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!We were waiting to go on our honeymoon until the summer, since Dave only has limited time off during the school year, and it’s also much easier for me to get away from my job for the summer. Where are we going? Europe!! […]