It’s a…. dream.

Had a dream last night that we had our 20 week sonogram and Baby Bean was a girl.  Like 100%, the doctor said, “It’s a girl!” Woke up this morning confused for a good 5 minutes or so about if it actually happened, or if it was really a dream.   We find out for […]

What you talkin bout Lacey?

I had the weirdest, most random dream last night. I dreamt that Arielle and I were in a house somewhere (no idea where, or why we were there), and were sleeping over. For some reason, we knew that there were ghosts in this house. We were ok with it because we knew (I don’t know […]

Wedding Dream Woes

When I would hear of other brides having wedding nightmares, I used to think they were nuts. Now that I’ve had my THIRD wedding dream/nightmare, I take it back. My first dream was chronicled here. The second, I don’t think I mentioned, but it basically involved my wedding dress being this ugly purple monstrosity, kind […]