Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Cups

Wow that’s a mouthful of a dessert name, isn’t it?  I’ve been meaning to share these for months.  MONTHS.  And I have no excuse. Because they’re delightful and peanut buttery and need to be shared across the masses!!  Or something.  🙂 The original recipe is from Iowa Girl Eats, but instead of using Cookie Butter […]

3 Minute – 3 Ingredient Mint Fudge – HELLS YES!

Oh Pinterest. How do I love thee?  Especially for the delectable desserts that cross my path, and inevitably my mouth. I pinned this recipe right before Christmas, and due to having all the ingredients in the house (all 3 of them!), this made an appearance at the dessert table for Christmas.  With rave reviews!  So […]

Washington D.C. in less than 48 hours

Dave and I went to Washington D.C. Christmas week for a quick getaway – and it was QUICK. We left Thursday morning, made it to D.C. probably around 3pm or so, and then left early New Years Eve morning, making it home around 2:30. WHIRLWIND TRIP!!  Regardless of the limited time there, we had a […]

Christmas Cookie Week: Chocolate Nutella & Sea Salt Fudge

Welcome to Christmas Cookie Week!! I had no idea Erin was hosting this on her cooking blog until Renee posted about it, and now I can’t wait to see all the recipes at the end of the week! I may make some cookies later on, but for now I figured I’d contribute quite possibly the […]

A little somethin’ to cool you down

It’s the middle of October.  It was 85 degrees here yesterday!  WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?  Not that I’m really complaining, but I wore shorts two days in a row!  In October in NYC, that just shouldn’t be!  (Tee hee rhyme!) In celebration of the summer-like temperatures, I wanted to share this super refreshing, yummy […]

Menu Monday – on a Tuesday!

<a href=”” target=””_blank””><img src=”” border=””0″” alt=”Menu Monday!” /></a><br /><br /> I figure its time to bring Menu Monday back into my blogging rotation, now that I actually plan on you know, meal planning and blogging! Huzzah!! This week I went heavy on the meals I could double the recipes for and freeze, and also made […]