A Jewish Girl’s Favorite Christmas Ornaments

Growing up Jewish we never had a Christmas tree. (Well, one time my mom bought me this tiny little foot-tall one and we got some janky ornaments, but it didn’t really count. And she told me to not tell my grandma haha.) I remember going to friends’ houses and STARING at their tree. I loved […]

Getting into the Holiday Spirit, a Little Forcefully

This weekend the plan was to “Christmas-fy” our house. And yesterday, as we were preparing to pull out the necessary boxes from the basement, I admitted to Dave that I just wasn’t into it. And he agreed, he just wasn’t about decorating this year. Usually I’m the first to start bugging Dave before Thanksgiving about […]

Chrismaka Craftiness!!

Deep, deep down I want to be a crafty person. Sometimes it works out, in the form of T-shirt blankets, beer coaster collages, Halloween decorations, etc. But I definitely don’t have the time or patience to be crafty as much as I’d like.  And honestly, the easier – the better!!  Well, the other day I […]