A Day in the Life – Winter 2019

I LOVE Day in the Life posts. Not necessarily mine, but I love the look into the life of others. Voyeurism? Sure. But it’s not like I’m peeping into windows right? RIGHT? ๐Ÿ™‚ And looking back on the blog the last time I did a DITL post was in 2016. So, I was sorely overdue. […]

An Average Day in the Life

There’s something about the voyeur in me that LOVES people’s “day in the life” posts. I previously linked up with Julia at My Life in Transition and I’m doing it again for her Fall link up! Lacey: 33 years old Dave: 37 years old Sadie: 4 years old Thursday, October 14, 2016 2:55am – Sadie […]

A Day in the Life…

I’m an event planner. Now before you get all excited and like, “OOOOH PARTIES! THAT MUST BE SO MUCH FUN!” – hold your horses. I’m a corporate event planner. Now you’re still probably like “OOOOH EVENT PLANNING! THAT MUST BE SO MUCH FUN!” Did you know that event planning has continuously shown up as one […]