Dinner, Drinks & a Brunch Date!

Man it’s been awhile since Dave and I have been on a proper date. I’m talking so long that I had to do a search within my posts to see when the last one was. Sheesh. (And the answer is April. APRIL!) My parents had offered to take Sadie for the night so Dave and I […]

Anniversary Date – A Trip to Greenport, LI

Dave and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary on Sunday, March 20th. (Awwww.) Honestly at this point we’re so not into the whole celebration thing for Valentine’s Day, not really for Anniversaries… maybe we’re just not romantic? DO WE NOT LOVE EACH OTHER? AHHH! Dave threw out the idea of heading out to Greenport for […]

BBQ & Deadpool – Valentine’s Date Night

I love Dave’s and my version of Valentine’s Day romance. Instead of candlelight and wine we had BBQ and saw Deadpool. This is what I call #winning. My parents took Sadie overnight since we all had off from work today. Sadie loves spending time with my parents (especially my mother) and they love having her […]

Date Night! Ramen, Dumplings & School of Rock

When you’re a parent its hard to get away for a date night. Dave and I have an awesome group of willing babysitters but we just never seem to get away! Luckily for us we snuck away just before the winter storm this weekend and were able to venture to the city for dinner and […]