"Have you been eating a lot, Lacey?"

This post could otherwise be titled “That time I got called fat in the bridal store”. I went for my dress fitting on Friday… oh I bet you see where this is going already. I show up with my mom, shoes and wedding day undies in tow. (They’re my something blue.) Now the store I […]

I’m in Looooooove

With a flat iron. (Sorry Dave.) My BFF Allison (the BFF other than Arielle), stopped by my parents house when I was over admiring the hamster habitat this weekend. We were chatting about nothing, as usual, when she clued me in to something fabulous. She had found a flat iron that straightens your hair when […]


I’m currently in a fight. With Ann Taylor Loft. Over two weeks ago I ordered some stuff from the website, and when I came home from Chicago on the 4th, still hadn’t received it. Per the DHL tracking information I was given, my package was delivered successfully, but not to me! I live in the […]

Is inflation affecting my breakfast?

I go to Dunkin Donuts basically every workday morning, to get my Medium Hazelnut Iced Coffee (Hot coffee when it’s cold out) and Toasted Bagel with Cream Cheese (bagel variety may differ daily). On most days, the total is $4.32. Some other days, it’s $4.76. Now usually, I let this difference of 44 cents slide, […]

You know what really grinds my gears?

I hate it when the people at Dunkin Donuts don’t cut the bagel. They cut it in half, spread cream cheese on it, put the two halves together, and then you’re supposed to CUT THE BAGEL IN HALF AGAIN. SO I HAVE TWO HALVES OF A BAGEL. I have a small mouth. I have small […]

Not-So Magic Bullet!

I’m a sucker for infomercials. Ronko Rotisserie, Space Bags, whatever, I love watching them. A few weeks ago I got the Magic Bullet, which is basically a glorified blender system with extra doo-dads and thingies. (Yes, thingies is the technical term.) I got it on eBay, and paid less for it than I would have […]