Holidays with Apple the Elf (on the Shelf!)

We introduced Elf on the Shelf to our household about two years ago and this year is probably the most fun we’ve had with it because Sadie is SO into it. I swear four is the perfect age for stuff like this. She wakes up every morning immediately telling Dave and I that we have […]

Hanukkah Books for Little Kids

One of our holiday traditions that we’ve been doing with our little family for a few years now is that on Christmas Eve, Sadie gets a new holiday themed book along with new Christmas pajamas and usually a treat like popcorn and a movie or something similar. Since we are a multi-denominational family I’ve been trying […]

Sadie’s Chrismaka Wish List

I feel like I blinked through fall and here we are with Christmas and Hanukkah just about a month away! We are a dual-holiday family (I’m Jewish and Dave is of a Christian background) so we celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah – more easily referred to as Chrismaka! We don’t have cable anymore so I […]

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our little family to yours!

Sadie’s Wish List for the Little Chef

Last, but more than certainly not least, is Sadie’s wishlist for the little chef! Ever since she was mobile, Sadie’s loved playing with everything she could get her tiny little hands on in the kitchen. And rearranging the bottom shelf of our fridge. And also sitting in our fridge, but that’s just… weird. She is […]