#20SBSummit – So. Much. AWESOME.

Picture via @jenniferalaine‘s TwitPic The inaugural 20 Something Bloggers Summit was this weekend.  I’m sure those of you who follow 20SB on Twitter and other members who attended were well aware, because we blew Twitter up each and every second we were there.  (I apologize. Kind of.)  I mean, we were a trending topic in […]

Whilst in the Windy City…

I have been in Chicago since last Tuesday.  I’m so happy to be home!!  And while in Chicago, I learned a few things.  I learned that… …you can have the best meal of your life at Hugo’s Frog Bar and Fish House, and it’s worth trekking to Naperville for.  … one can get lost going […]

Travelling is not for the weak

So happy to be home, and not travelling again for awhile (for work). Things I thought about today at the airport/on the plane: *How do you get a ride on one of those golf cart things? My boss and I were wondering this as we saw a woman roll on by. I mean, she’s 4 […]

I’m from New York, not New Yaawwk

Last night was a LOT of fun. There were 11 or so awesome Chicago bloggers that came out to hang for the night, and from deep dish pizza to beers at Elephant & Castle, I had a blast. So thanks again to Jenn for putting it all together, and the following kick ass bloggers for […]

Leeaaaaviiiiiiiing on a Jet Plaaaane! (Again!)

So I’m off to Chicago again! As you’re reading this, I’m most likely on the plane (yes, I auto-blogged this, leave me alone), and heading off to do another event in the Windy City. With that, I will leave you with a few things: Packing sucks!! I’m really not a fan of it, because I […]

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Back from Chicago, with nothing much to report besides my event being pretty good, minus some small glitches like tons of sessions ending 15 MINUTES early (NOT a good thing), and it raining all day. However, it did end on a good note with a bunch of us heading out to Junior’s to watch the […]