Coups for Troops

Heads up couponers! Instead of crying while you throw out your expired coupons (just me?), donate them to an amazing cause! Coups for Troops is a great organization that collects expired coupons and sends them off to our military families who are stationed overseas. From their website: Commissaries overseas accept expired coupons up to six […]

Eleven inches!!

Get your minds out of the gutter – I’m not talking about that. Sheesh. I’ll give you a hint… my Project365 picture from yesterday was this: That’s right, if you haven’t guessed by now, I chopped off my hair!! 11″ to be exact, all ready to be donated to Locks of Love. I had decided […]

Celebrating Fall!

Everyone celebrates Fall in their own way. Scarves, Ugg boots (not yet for me… its not cold enough!), Pumpkin Spice Lattes (Sorry I hate anything pumpkin. Gross.) As for me? I’m celebrating in the following ways: I’m participating in Beantown Prepster’s Spooky Sugar swap! I LOVE Halloween, and when I saw this swap, I knew […]

No, not Boy Meets World… Dog Meets World!

So a few months ago my friend Britt was going on a trip to Haiti. “Britt, WTF is in Haiti?” is what flew out of my mouth, and she let me know that her mom was starting a non-profit, and going to Haiti was part of it. Ok good enough, and I didn’t really think […]