I guess it equals a B+?

Should I feel good about myself, or bad about myself that I got 7 out of 9 questions right on the PeopleMagazine.com’s quiz about The Hills? I didn’t know which one of Lauren’s friends she named a dress in her collection after (it’s Audrina… I went with Lo cause I

"Doink Doink!"

(That’s the sound of the Law & Order noise… the doink doink!)On my leisurely 45 second stroll to the bus stop this morning (seriously – our house is in between two bus stops… I have my pick), I noticed bright yellow signs attached to every tree and/or lamp post. LAW AND ORDER IS BEING FILMED […]

Celebrity (?) Sighting

I think I saw Jesse Camp in Grand Central this morning. Remember him? MTV Veejay contest winner that totally should NOT have beaten the fat guy (what was his name? Dave something?) but did because he was so freakin retarted you couldn’t help but want to see more of him on tv? He looked just […]

"Conjunction junction, what’s your function?"

Or… time for more questions!! “Not Dave” (not to be confused with Dave, my boyfriend), asked: “Why is Dave so irresitably awesome and cool? Do you think it’s because of his pure animal magnetism, or more likely because of his unswerving dedication to perfection?” Wow, it’s a good thing that “Not Dave” asked me this […]

Facebook friends with the Famous

“Marc Acito added you as a friend on Facebook…” Who? When I get email notifications like this I message the person, just to see how I know them. Maybe they’re going on my Israel trip too, and want to be friends? sorry, how do we know each other? Lacey I got a reply a few […]