Geeky Man Crushes

Let me preface this post by declaring for the blogging world that I LOVE my husband. That being said, I am allowed to have crushes on celebrities right? I know everyone gets a pass (or three passes – depends on how you play the game) for their celebrity crush but outside of wanting to lay […]

TLC Summer Celebration, and that one time I was mistaken for a reporter

Somehow, in some way, I finagled an invite to the “TLC Summer Celebration”, an event that took place on a rooftop garden in midtown Manhattan, promoting their TV summer line up. Obviously I got invited because I am a very important person. Who loves watching Say Yes to the Dress. Hey look its Randy!!! Nope, […]

What you talkin bout Lacey?

I had the weirdest, most random dream last night. I dreamt that Arielle and I were in a house somewhere (no idea where, or why we were there), and were sleeping over. For some reason, we knew that there were ghosts in this house. We were ok with it because we knew (I don’t know […]

2 Passes

For the longest time I’ve known of “the list”. This was the list of people that you could sleep with while in a relationship, and it would be ok. (The list is supposed to pertain to famous people only. Clearly you don’t want to add your boyfriend’s best friend or brother or something. Cause that […]

They named their kid after a gremlin??

That was Dave’s reaction after I told him that Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz named their kid Bronx Mowgli Wentz. Now I can’t find the reference to a gremlin named Mowgli or Mogli (maybe in the Gremlins movie? Someone fill me in), but I did remember that Mowgli was the Jungle Book main charater’s name. […]

Sooo Fierce!

So OMG I just saw Christian Siriano from Project Runway Season 4 outside my job! There were two guys walking with these HUGE garment bags behind them, and as I finally got closer to see, one of them was Christian!! He is sooo little. I wanted to say something but I would either sound like […]