Smorgasburg and Street Art in Brooklyn

Living and working on Long Island gives me little reason to visit the five boroughs unless it’s to visit family in Queens or The Bronx. And that’s sad because there is so much to see and do! Recently I headed out to Brooklyn to meet Arielle and have a girls day. I’ve known this girl […]

A Trip to Dead Horse Bay

(Otherwise known as the day Dave and I voluntarily picked through garbage.) I’ve been wanting to go to Dead Horse Bay for awhile now but the fire to head there was ignited once again when it was featured on the Only in Your State blog. (If you don’t follow this blog for your own state […]

Bloody Mary’s, Beers & Brooklyn

Every so often I see something that I want to do or go to and I basically SCREAMY CAPS LOCK tell Dave that WE’RE GOING/I SIGNED US UP FOR THIS/WE NEED A BABYSITTER without giving him a choice in the matter. #Bestwifeever. This time the SCREAMY CAPS LOCK was for The Bloody Mary Festival in […]

I freakin LOVE food trucks – Food Truck Rally @ Grand Army Plaza

You guys remember Street Food Fridays? Where Doniree, Jess, Gretchen and I roamed the streets looking for and sampling all the tasty food trucks that our respective cities had to offer? Why’d we stop that again? Oh right, because I stupidly thought that all food trucks stopped during the winter, which is NOT TRUE, FYI. […]

Street Food Friday (Tuesday): Scouting for the Vendy Awards!

[img] Yes, this installment of Street Food Friday is really Street Food… Tuesday.  So let’s just pretend it’s Friday then, shall we?  🙂 One Saturday, I did what I had never done before… I had ventured into the depths of Brooklyn ALONE… all in the name of food trucks.  In reality my friend Brian was […]

Our Anniversary – in bullet points

Thanks for all the super sweet comments on our 1st anniversary.  I can’t believe it’s been a year either! It’s crazy how a lot of you have known me, through my blog, since before Dave and I were engaged.  Time flies.  🙂   And in order to prevent boring you with a long winded recap post, […]