Smorgasburg and Street Art in Brooklyn

Living and working on Long Island gives me little reason to visit the five boroughs unless it’s to visit family in Queens or The Bronx. And that’s sad because there is so much to see and do! Recently I headed out to Brooklyn to meet Arielle and have a girls day. I’ve known this girl […]

50 Shades of Awful Writing

Arielle and I used to have a book review blog, back in the day. We stopped updating it years ago, but we still discuss books we read all the time and belong to the same book club… which hasn’t met since before Sadie was born… ooops. Anyway, we both read 50 Shades of Awfulness and […]

THE SICKNESS! And stuff…

You know what sucks? Having THE SICKNESS. Not the SWINE, because thankfully I don’t have that, but a coworker of mine does, and OMG scary!! I have what started out as a sore throat, and then morphed into the usual cough/cold/losing my voice that I have twice a year. Fun. I’m sure the people sitting […]

You know you had a good weekend…

…when there is bull riding involved. This weekend was Arielle‘s birthday, and she celebrated with our friend Julie at Mason Dixon. Besides sucking down sweet tea vodka like my life depended on it, I dominated the bull. Dave tried to dominate as wellGuys, I lasted for SO LONG. It was hilarious, and Nicole doesn’t believe […]

What I learned in the Hamptons

I spent a lovely weekend in the Hamptons with Arielle, and our friends Anna and Julie, at Julie’s parents house. The house was GORGEOUS, with a pool and tennis court, and lots of room for everyone. But did you know you can come away from a weekend in the Hamptons with new things that you’ve […]

Tra la la…….

I don’t have much to say today, except that I called out sick to work (woo hoo!), am recovering from my train last night being cut off like, 20 stops before mine in the GHETTO (MTA YOU SUCK), and am now lounging on my couch watching reruns of Project Runway Season 1 (Jay I Love […]