My 5 Ws of Blogging

The other week Sarah from Seeing All Sides blogged about… well she blogged about blogging! She wrote about her five Ws of blogging… the who, what, when, where and why of her blog. I LOVED the idea and wanted to do my own! Well… I blog about everyone! I mainly write about myself, Sadie and […]

20SB Blogging Prompt: Villains You Love to Hate

The latest 20SB blogging prompt immediately made me want to use it because OMG BREAKING BAD WALTER WHITE HOLY SHIT THAT SHOW IS GOING TO KILL ME! Dave and I are behind on the show, and literally have the last two episodes left to watch before it’s over for ALL OF TIME. Walter White. I […]

20SB Blogging Prompt: Loving ME

I’ve been feeling a little down about myself lately. Part of this is solely because I know I’m not taking care of myself like I should be. I am in desperate need of a manicure, (and in need of a shave, blech), but it seems to come around every so often, this feeling I can’t […]

Introducing: Once Upon a Stein!

I’ve been living a bit of a double life for a couple of months now – I have another blog! Once Upon a Stein is a blog all about… beer! My love of all things beer related. I actually had this blog at blogspot over a year ago and couldn’t keep it up. And then […]

Striking a balance

When I was pregnant I always said that I didn’t want to become a “mommy blogger” after Sadie was born. My definition of a “mommy blogger” was a negative one – basically those crazies I met at BlogHer, or those whose antics I read about online. The women who blog only about their children, and […]

Monetizing or Compromising?

I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts for about a month.  I didn’t even have anything written, just the title.  Not really sure why – I think it was a combo of not having the right words, and just being downright unmotivated.  I’m all for making money/connections from my blog.  Most of us like […]