Girl Mom Box Swap Reveal!

I have to say, the Girl Mom Box Swap (#GirlMomBoxSwap17) has probably been one of my favorite swaps to have been a part of! Last year the Boy Mom Swap was floating around the blog world and I was sad to be left out! So I was SUPER excited for this one! (And thrilled to […]

Announcing the Girl Mom Box Swap! (#girlmomboxswap17)

Being Sadie’s mom is fabulous. She loves all things princesses, makeup, and dresses but is also into construction, dinosaurs, superheroes and more. She will sit and play with Shopkins for hours and then request to watch one of the Star Wars movies right after. She always surprises me with what she does and what she […]

2017 Galentine’s Blogger Gift Exchange Reveal

Last year around the end of February I was toying with the idea of throwing together a Galentine’s Blogger Exchange. Finally, this year rolls around and I didn’t have to put one together because Olya and Mattie had already done it! I sent a package to Emily (whose blog I don’t know – sorry Emily! […]

Purging My Closets & Valentine’s Day $150 Stitch Fix Giveaway!

I did it! I tackled my first purge task from my home purging plan. This weekend I went through my closets. Here is what they looked like to start with: We’re lucky that we have wall to wall, floor to ceiling closet space in our bedroom. I went through each section with a plan of attack. […]

Fall Scarf Exchange 2016 Reveal

I love rocking a good scarf, so when I saw the Fall Scarf Exchange (#FallScarfExchange16) hosted by Courtney at A+ Life, Elizabeth at Chasin’ Mason, and Whitney at Work it Mommy. (Just like I did for the mug swap!) I got paired up with Kayla, who has an adorable cat named Courage and blogs over […]

Mug Love Exchange!

My life is so hectic right now that I almost missed posting about what I received in the Mug Love Exchange! I’m a sucker for a good blogger exchange and obviously when I saw a bunch of lovely ladies hosting a mug swap – I was in. (I ignored the fact that my mug collection […]