My Birthday Buddies!

Aren’t these birthday buddies the cutest you’ve ever seen? Dave’s birthday was yesterday, April 26th and Sadie’s birthday is today, April 27th! (If you want the fun birth story – click here.) For Dave’s birthday we went to our favorite German restaurant Oak Chalet. We had a nice meal and Sadie enjoyed running back and […]

Happy Birthday to my Three Year Old!

Happy birthday to the silliest, sassiest, sweetest little girl there is. Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter. You constantly make us laugh and you delight in every little thing around you. I hope you stay sweet, silly and sassy. (Just not too sassy!) We love you!!! I have a three year old. SOB. […]

Sadie’s “Little Miss Sunshine” 1st Birthday Party!

I’m not a huge party planner, which is hysterical since I plan events for a living. I can plan those corporate functions to a T, but when it comes to planning a social event, I get lost in all the little details and ultimately wind up doing half of what I originally planned. Sadie’s 1st […]

I am now the parent of a one-year-old

Also titled under, “How the hell did this happen?” Yes, Sadie Faye turned 1 on Saturday. There is no post yet and also no 12 month photos because a) I’m a slacker blogger, as we all know, and b) we were at a wedding the night of her birthday, so I have a little bit […]

A nice, low key celebration

Man this last week just FLEW by. With Independence Day and visiting my office with Sadie and just running around during Dave’s first full week off, it’s been a whirlwind. Not to mention Sadie was a major cranky baby last week (I think she was having a growth spurt), which put a damper on my […]

No Menu Monday today…

… because it’s my BIRTHDAY!!! The big 2-9. Craziness! We’re having a low key day, and then dropping off Sadie at my parents so Dave and I can go out to celebrate! So excited. YAYYYYY BIRTHDAYYYY!! {img}