BBQ, Brownies and Bumbling Rabbis

This weekend was nonstop!! Yesterday I had to get up early and run to Queens to go to the eye doctor. I was out of contact lenses and also needed new glasses. I had not gotten new lenses since 2004 and new frames since even before that!!! It was really funny when I was trying […]

Holy sore crotch Batman!

Yeah… that title is going to get me a lot of hits, isn’t it? Today was GORGEOUS. I don’t know where you live but it was amazing out today, 70 degrees plus and beautiful. Dave and I decided to grab our bikes and head out for a ride, and we went from our house to […]

"Shut Up!"

Today was my Valentine’s Day. Dave and I made plans to celebrate it today, since Dave has a show to put on, on the 14th. No biggie, Valentine’s Day isn’t huge to us anyway, so it didn’t matter to me to celebrate it a week early. Our plan was to walk along the Brooklyn Bridge, […]

I have a bacon hangover

As per my title, I can’t tell if my lethargic nature today is due to the large amounts of Sam Adams consumed during Superbowl yesterday, or due to the large amounts of bacon consumed during Superbowl yesterday. Oh yes. Bacon. In the nature of Alexa’s Bacon & Wine night, we decided to have everyone bring […]

Weekend in Pictures

Friday night: Saturday night: Sunday night:

13 bottle of wine on the wall, 13 bottles of wine!

So yesterday was the day. The day that we got up early, bundled up, got some Dunkin Donuts, and headed off with our friends Chris and Lisa to the “Wreath Fineries at 10 Wineries” wine tour. We spent the day driving around, sampling many, many, MANY different wines, and just enjoying the decent weather and […]