Wrapped in Goodness! And Snuggies!

A few weeks ago I received an email titled “Lean Pockets – Hurray!” Hurray (or Hooray!) indeed! Turns out Lean Pockets wanted me to host a party – a Wrapped in Goodness party.  Fast forward to a box so huge I could fit myself into it showing up at my door, filled with free coupons […]

Showers of Happiness! (15 days to go!)

Why is “Showers of Happiness” like, the catch phrase of bridal showers? I don’t know why, it just strikes me as weird. Anywho, my bridal shower was on Feb 20th, and it was awesome! And as my friend Anita said, my shower showed her that they don’t have to be cheesy! It was hosted by […]

What I learned in the Hamptons

I spent a lovely weekend in the Hamptons with Arielle, and our friends Anna and Julie, at Julie’s parents house. The house was GORGEOUS, with a pool and tennis court, and lots of room for everyone. But did you know you can come away from a weekend in the Hamptons with new things that you’ve […]

Tra la la…….

I don’t have much to say today, except that I called out sick to work (woo hoo!), am recovering from my train last night being cut off like, 20 stops before mine in the GHETTO (MTA YOU SUCK), and am now lounging on my couch watching reruns of Project Runway Season 1 (Jay I Love […]

Tiaras, Beads, See-through Dresses & Bare Asses

Sounds like an awesome Mardi Gras party, right? (Or a really bad porno. What?) But oh no, we’re talking about the Lacey & Dave Engagement Party Extravaganza!! Holy crap what a night. I knew it was going to be good when I got on the train to meet my girls for dinner, and I noticed […]

I’m sorry, I can’t, don’t hate me.

One of Arielle‘s and my close friends just got broken up with this past weekend. (I don’t know if that was correct English at all.) And while it is sad that her relationship ended, I’m more upset for her about the way her now ex-boyfriend went about it. He did it through IM. I’m sorry, […]