Thanksgiving Menu Monday!

I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving. Time is flying by so fast!!! As you can see from my meal planning chart –  I’m not cooking dinner this week. We barely have any nights that we’re home, and then Thursday is the big T, Friday we’re off to Foxwoods for the day, and Saturday is Postgiving […]

Finger Lickin’ Good – Cupcakes!

I usually don’t trust Rachael Ray when it comes to dessert recipes. She’s very honest in stating that she isn’t a baker – in her magazine, most of her dessert recipes are attributed to someone else. And, I already failed once when trying to make her Frozen Mojito Cake-Tails. But when I saw Caramel Apple […]

Menu Monday, and the best cookies EVER.

Wow I didn’t post all last week. Guess it was just one of those quiet times for me, not much going on! Last night I banged out a triple amount of the Vodka Sauce recipe, and proceeded to cut my finger on an open can, burn myself with spattering sauce, and almost light my kitchen […]

5 months down, 24 recipes to go!!

May SERIOUSLY sucked in regards to adding more recipes to my repertoire! I mean, I’ve barely been home (traveling to San Francisco – where I am again right now, Houston and Vegas in the span of like 3 weeks) so at least it’s not because I’m lazy! Which would be a totally plausible excuse, if […]

Birthday Dinner!

Man, when time gets away from you due to busyness at work, you have no time to update your blog about dresses bought, food cooked, your cousin, who you think of as a sister (and who hasn’t updated her blog since DECEMBER), turning 21, (God help me. I’m old.) Or the fact that you stayed […]

Plannin’ Menus & Hittin’ Goals

In addition to us (trying to) be responsible by menu planning, I also made it one of my Life List goals to learn 50 new recipes. No time line given, but just learn 50 new ones. I figure at the end of each month, I’ll let you know how many I’ve accomplished (and which ones). […]