We have a walker!

Not this kind of walker But this kind! Ahhhh!!!!

10 Months Old!

Sadie Faye, You are 10 months old, as of this past Wednesday. I don’t even know where to begin… how did the time fly by so fast? How are you so, so different from the little peanut who barely weighed six pounds that we brought home from the hospital? Weight/Length- No check up until a […]

9 Months Old!

My dear little Sadie, This Sunday you became nine months old. I’m not sure what is more frightening, that you’re now nine months of age, or that I began pinning things for your 1st birthday party. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT? Weight/Length- I was pretty close to guessing your stats last month for this month! You […]

My baby is not a snow baby

We got a decent amount of snow starting on Friday and decided to torture our child Sadie needed to experience it firsthand. It was her first “real” snow, after all! We bundled her up (note – we do not own proper snow gear for her. Whoops.) and headed out to the pristine backyard. Here is […]

8 Months Old!!

Sadie Baby, You turned eight months old on the 27th. Hooray for me posting this in the same month for once! But really – you are eight months old. How did this happen? How will you be a year old in just four more months? Weight/Length- You won’t have an official wellness visit until next […]

7 months old!

Dear Sadie, It seems like I just posted your six month update. (Which is true because I’m a horrible slacker mother who didn’t get to that one on time, and now didn’t get to this one on time. Does it count that at least your pictures are taken on time? No? Oh well.) Weight/Length- Since […]