Touchy Feely Feelings

This post about Greece isn’t about ruins or gorgeous things we saw. We experienced some stuff on the trip that I need to talk about and just leave out here. Mainly… how do you teach a four-year-old what’s okay in terms of their body? When certain touching is okay, when it’s not okay… This is […]

Happy Birthday to my Three Year Old!

Happy birthday to the silliest, sassiest, sweetest little girl there is. Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter. You constantly make us laugh and you delight in every little thing around you. I hope you stay sweet, silly and sassy. (Just not too sassy!) We love you!!! I have a three year old. SOB. […]

Remembering the small stuff (2)

In trying to keep track of the little things that make up my 21-month-old daughter (ACKKK), another post is necessary because guys, since the last one I did, she’s grown so much! – Now when Sadie wants something badly she adds “too” onto it. “I want juice too!” “I want cheese too!” So on and […]

My baby is not a snow baby… part 2

It’s that time of year again! Time to let our child explore get tortured by the snow! We had a decent snowstorm at the end of the week – enough to shut down major roadways during the peak hours, and close down all schools on Friday. It finally let up around mid-morning and so we […]

Remembering the small stuff

Sadie is at an awesome age right now. She is just so much fun to be with, play with, interact with – you get the point. She has always been a good natured, go with the flow kind of baby, but now especially, at almost 19 months old, she’s just a delight. That’s not to […]

A perfect weekend of sorts

Dave and I often feel like we can never catch a break. Our weeks are hectic with work, long commutes for both of us, and the dropping off and picking up of the Sadie Face at daycare. And what sucks is that because we’re sooooooooooo popular (half kidding – Sadie’s really the popular one) we […]