8 Months Old!!

Sadie Baby, You turned eight months old on the 27th. Hooray for me posting this in the same month for once! But really – you are eight months old. How did this happen? How will you be a year old in just four more months? Weight/Length- You won’t have an official wellness visit until next […]

5 months old!

Dear Sadie, I can’t believe it, but you’re five months old! Where has the time gone? Weight/Length- You now weigh 13lbs and 4oz, but barely grew a half inch! You’re 25 1/4″ long, which the doctor said is fine, since you’re still in the 75th percentile for height (and 25th for weight!) I think you’re […]

Wordless Wednesday

We’ll, almost wordless.

3 months old!

Dear Sadie, OMG you’re three months old! I can’t believe it’s gone by so fast, and it also means that I’m back to working again. I’m only away from you two days a week right now, but I miss you like crazy when I’m gone! (Although the time away is a bit nice, I can’t […]

Sadie’s Room – the Reveal!

Yeah, so my daughter has been here for almost three months and I’m JUST now writing about her room. First, we didn’t move until she was a month old so I couldn’t get ANYTHING ready for her (SO. FRUSTRATING.) and then it took awhile for it to all come together. But ta-da! Here it is!! […]

2 months old!

Dear Sadie, Oh little girl, you are two months old today! (Yes, Mommy is actually posting this on time!) I know everyone warns parents, but I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by, and that you being two months old means that I only have one more month at home with you. That makes me […]