Take a left? Right! So go right? No! Left!

Well hello there! We’re finally getting settled in the house, and can see each other past the boxes! And we have internet – très importante! I’ve got house updates, and Sadie’s one month update (never mind the fact that she’ll be six weeks old on Friday!) but right now we need to discuss something very […]

To shave, or not to shave? (That is the question!)

At my office, we’re set up in long pods, with seats on either side, so basically 4 people face each other in one area.  (Does that make sense?  If not, sorry… just imagine 4 people sitting at a square desk so they face each other.)  Anywho – in my little corner, we’re comprised of 3 […]

And then I exploded out of my jeans…

Oh yes, Monday morning was a first for me.  When I was getting ready for work in the morning, watching the weather report, I saw it was HOLY MOTHER OF GOD COLD outside.  I think it was like 8 degrees out.  Major suckitude. Anywho, since it’s been so cold the last few weeks I’ve taken […]

TLC Summer Celebration, and that one time I was mistaken for a reporter

Somehow, in some way, I finagled an invite to the “TLC Summer Celebration”, an event that took place on a rooftop garden in midtown Manhattan, promoting their TV summer line up. Obviously I got invited because I am a very important person. Who loves watching Say Yes to the Dress. Hey look its Randy!!! Nope, […]

Dental Drama

As I was getting my gums hacked at teeth cleaned at the dentist today, John Mellencamp’s song “Hurt So Good” came on the radio. (Is he John Mellencamp now? Or is it John Cougar Mellencamp? John Cougar? John C. Mellencamp? J.C. – oh wait that’s an N’sync-er.) How appropriate, right? Dr. Jekyll — I mean […]