A nice, low key celebration

Man this last week just FLEW by. With Independence Day and visiting my office with Sadie and just running around during Dave’s first full week off, it’s been a whirlwind. Not to mention Sadie was a major cranky baby last week (I think she was having a growth spurt), which put a damper on my […]

My Baby Shower (and mini Baby Bean update)!

Instead of the usual Baby Bean update this week, I wanted to tel you all about my amazing baby shower!!  But for those of you keeping track, here are the Baby Bean stats: 34 weeks along! Only a month and a half to go! (GULP!) Weight gain – approx 25lbs or so.  I think. Baby […]

Blog Better Boston… or should I say Blog Bettah Boston?

I’m currently on the Amtrak train back home to New York after a whirlwind trip to Boston for Blog Better Boston, where I had the pleasure of moderating a panel on social media. More precisely on “What social media platforms are best for you?”  I got to rock this panel with some amazing ladies, as […]

Giveaway! It’s T-Shirt Tiiiiiime!!

Reminder: Google Friend Connect won’t work for any non-blogger based blogs starting 3/1! (The jerks!) Please make sure to update your feeds! http://bit.ly/wArz3e Recently I was given the opportunity to review some T-Shirts and promptly ordered one for Dave, and one for myself.  Although I could have ordered two shirts just for me, I was […]

The SNACKADIUM! (Dun dun DUN!)

Oh yes. If you didn’t see on Facebook or Twitter this weekend – we created the SNACKADIUM for Super Bowl. It. Was. EPIC. Our inspiration came mainly from here. Source: maddycakesmuse.blogspot.com via Anne on Pinterest   And once we made it known to our friends that this creation would be taking place, Dave, the Head […]

Best. News. EVER.

ARREST DEVELOPMENT IS COMING BACK!!!!!  DID YOU READ THAT? ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT IS COMING BACK!!! Yes, caps lock, bold font and multiple exclamation points were necessary. Back for a season, which leads into the movie. I’ve never been more excited about something on TV before.  I think the last time I was this pumped was when […]