Sadie and The Bobo Fairy

The other night almost without warning, the Bobo Fairy came and visited Sadie and took all her bobos (pacifiers). Now lest you think we’re mean parents and just took them away for her, we’d been talking up the Bobo Fairy for awhile now with no luck. We’d mention maybe giving them away and she’d start […]

My August PopSugar Must Have Box

Like many of you out there I’ve become slightly obsessed with subscription boxes. To this date I’ve tried: Stitch Fix – still going strong, but on an every other month basis now RunnerBox – liked it while I was running, but didn’t use enough of the products to warrant keeping it Ipsy – was hit or miss in terms of […]

Celebrating the accomplishments – I F*CKING DID IT!!!

The weekend before Thanksgiving was my test. The final hurdle of my Couch to 5k journey. The weekend where I ran my first official 5k race. And then ran my second 5k race the very next day. That’s right, I went two-for-two. I signed up for the Massapequa Park Turkey Trot first, since it was pretty […]

Introducing: Once Upon a Stein!

I’ve been living a bit of a double life for a couple of months now – I have another blog! Once Upon a Stein is a blog all about… beer! My love of all things beer related. I actually had this blog at blogspot over a year ago and couldn’t keep it up. And then […]

I need nothing else in life

This makes me SUBLIMELY happy. That is all. Now I want to go and watch all of the episodes on repeat.

I freakin LOVE food trucks – Food Truck Rally @ Grand Army Plaza

You guys remember Street Food Fridays? Where Doniree, Jess, Gretchen and I roamed the streets looking for and sampling all the tasty food trucks that our respective cities had to offer? Why’d we stop that again? Oh right, because I stupidly thought that all food trucks stopped during the winter, which is NOT TRUE, FYI. […]