Everyone, meet Betty!

I know my birthday was a month ago, but I never posted about my present from Dave!  I had wanted this gift pretty much since my last birthday.  What is it, you might ask?  It’s a new… BIKE!!! (I felt like the announcer guy from the Price is Right when he would announce what the […]


We’re moving!!!!! YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! It happened kind of fast, but our good friends Anita and Adam (HI NEIGHBORS!) had an apartment in their building become available, and told us about it, we went and saw it, and put down the deposit this week. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. So no, no house for us just yet, BUT we are moving […]

Pictures of My Life – In Da House! (Errr… Apartment!) Part Deux!

We are snowed in today! All NYC public schools are closed (AGAIN) so Dave has off, and once I saw the foot or so of snow outside out door, and got the OK from my job to work from home, my couch is where I’ll be. Woo!!!!!!!! To continue on with PICTURES OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!, […]

Holiday Homes Tour!

Welcome!!I’m participating in the 2nd Annual Holiday Homes Tour, hosted by Jen on the Edge. 🙂 So come take a look at how I decorate our tiny apartment for the Holidays/Chrismaka/Festivus or whatever you want to call it. You just came through our front door, and were welcomed by the wreath that we were conned […]

Get up, come on get down with the sickness!

For the last week I’ve been feeling sick. First I had a lovely sore throat, then a nice cough and some congestion, and finally an ear infection!! Yay! Cause we all know I can’t cap off a cough/cold without a nice, raging ear infection to satisfy my 6 year old sickly self. Wah wah. I […]

It’s a Cold Hearted Snake! Look into His Eyeees…

So last night, I was puttering around in our bedroom, probably not putting away our laundry like I should have been doing, when I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. There was something weird on the floor. Something… wormlike. But not super wormlike, because it was kind of lying there in an […]