Ripping the Band-Aid Off

I’ve made no secret of my issues with anxiety. While I may not write about it as much when I’m having good swings versus when I’m in the doldrums it is still always present. Lurking under the surface of a good day/week/month just waiting to pop its ugly head out and wreak havoc on everything. <– […]

Not Letting the Little Things Get to Me

I’ve written on here before about my anxiety and how it affects me, how I’m trying to cope with it and more. But there’s a facet of my anxiety that I don’t think I’ve touched upon yet – the little things. I let the little things get to me way too much and it totally adds […]

Rolling around in the lame sauce

I logged into my WordPress dashboard after months and months of not blogging and saw this saved post in my drafts. There is nothing in here but the subject line, “Rolling around in the lame sauce.” I have no idea what caused me to write that title back in September, but it still seems applicable […]

Hanging up my running shoes

I had grand plans you guys. As you know from previous posts I was training for a half marathon. And I was so excited. It was going to be epic and it had tiaras, tutus, hot shirtless men – how much better could a first half marathon get? Well here’s the thing. Shit happens. Life […]

Therapy Shmerapy

Hello, my name is Lacey and I started therapy in March. (hiiiiiiiiii Laceyyyyyyyyy!) Why therapy? Well in one word… anxiety. I think that I’ve always been a bit anxious, but I’ve always chalked it up to being “sensitive” or a description akin to that. I cry very easily, get upset over small things, etc. More […]

I give myself anxiety

I was going to write that I give myself angina, but it looked too much like vagina, so I didn’t feel like using it. Really. (Now my google stats are going to go up.) Dave and I want to move in together. Everyone go YAY!! (Or Squeeee!) And that’s where the anxiety starts. We were […]