Too Many Apples Makes the Perfect Applesauce

Earlier this month we went apple picking and found ourselves with too many apples! Why is it that when you’re picking ALL THE APPLES it seems like a good idea but then when you have pounds upon pounds of apples in your house you’re all, what the hell was I thinking? We went upstate to […]

Baby it’s Appleicious!!!

Last night Dave was sad. He was sad because he still doesn’t know if his foot is broken or not, and had to stay home from work again. Dave does not like staying in the house all day. So I, the best fiance ever, went into the kitchen to bake something that would make him […]

I’ve been busy…

Grilled Beer Chicken – from Rachael Ray Mini Corn on the Cob (or, Chili Lime Corn as I call it) – from Epicurious Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins – from Curious Foodie. Apple Crisp – from Jen on the Edge So much food!! Since I’ve been trying all these new recipes lately, and I know a […]


I had grand plans to go to the mall today and try to snag me some new boots (I’m looking at these in grey… or in a different color?), but they got pushed aside for bigger plans of sitting on the couch, watching episodes of Band of Brothers and The Office Season 2, and making […]

Sunday Fat Sunday

While Arielle is having Sunday Bloody Sunday over at her blog, I’m over here having Sunday Fat Sunday. I’ve seriously eaten my way through today. – For breakfast made Apple Yogurt Pancakes, using more apples out of the abundance living in our fridge. – Pancakes were served with bacon and Raisin Swirl toast. (Delicious) Recipe […]

(Over)eager for Fall!

Maybe it’s the abundance of apples in our apartment, or that the weather has been on the colder side this week. But whatever it is, Dave and I jumped into Fall full force! In our first foray into using up the plethora of apples, I was going to make Rachael Ray’s Creamy Chicken-Apple Chili. Except […]