It’s Monday again!!!

How was your weekend everyone?  I feel like booze was a-plenty in mine, between celebrating Arielle‘s birthday (WOOO!) and also heading out to the Trailer Park Lounge (one of my fave places) to give two coworkers a send off as they’re leaving the company (sad.)  However Sunday was a well needed laaaaaazy day – Dave […]

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

What is that saying anyway?  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy?  Is a lemon just known to be easy to squeeze?  I’ve had some hard lemons in my day, let me tell you.  (TWSS?)  Anylemon, I wanted to share two dinner recipes that I’ve made recently, because A) THEY’RE BOTH SO GOOD and B) THEY’RE BOTH SO […]

Finger Lickin’ Good – Cupcakes!

I usually don’t trust Rachael Ray when it comes to dessert recipes. She’s very honest in stating that she isn’t a baker – in her magazine, most of her dessert recipes are attributed to someone else. And, I already failed once when trying to make her Frozen Mojito Cake-Tails. But when I saw Caramel Apple […]

Menu Monday, and the best cookies EVER.

Wow I didn’t post all last week. Guess it was just one of those quiet times for me, not much going on! Last night I banged out a triple amount of the Vodka Sauce recipe, and proceeded to cut my finger on an open can, burn myself with spattering sauce, and almost light my kitchen […]

Black Bean Chili with Who?

When I told Dave that I was making “Black Bean Chili with Joe”, he immediately responded, “With WHO?” Joe. As in coffee. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Isn’t Better Homes and Gardens clever?) This slow cooker vegetarian chili was DELICIOUS. And super easy, which you know I love. Black Bean Chili with Joefrom the BHG Ultimate Slow Cooker book […]

Menu Monday!!

I haven’t done a Menu Monday post in awhile! (I think I used to actually post them on Sundays, but whatever!!)  ANYWAY, this week, I’ll be making: D.A.R.’s Penne Alla Vodka  Pepper Jelly Glazed Chicken (with homemade pepper jelly we bought in Cape Cod this weekend)  Black Bean Chili w/ Joe (aka Coffee!) – from […]