February Semi-Fail?

I can’t believe February is over. That means that our wedding is in 20 DAYS!!!!! That’s less than 3 weeks! AHHHHHHHHH!! Well, with the end of February, we also have to tally up my progress in recipe learning and gym going. Gym visits = 1 big fat FAIL. I went once. On February 1. I […]

Meal Planning – Take 2! And other updates!

So meal planning was a dismal failure this week. We made two things off the list of 5, being my chili and Kyla Roma’s French Onion Soup (which was super easy, delicious, and she keeps saying she’ll post the recipe so if you want it go bug her for it!). Besides that we either ate […]

Working (Out) For the Money!

I’m abnormally bad at going to the gym. When Dave and I were first dating, I made him upgrade his gym membership so I could go with him, and then probably went a paltry 5 times or so. Then this past spring, when I was all into the Shred, I joined a different local gym […]