20SB Blog Swap! (Warning: May include a vomit gif)

Today is the 20SB Blog Swap! Our topic was childhood vacations, and I got to take over Sweeney Says for the day with my tale of a camp raid gone awry. Make sure to check me out there, and check out Nicole’s post, which may or may not involve the word “vommy”, below. 🙂 This […]

20SB’s Blog Carnival – A Letter to Myself…

We’re celebrating 20 Something Bloggers‘ 5th birthday with a Blog Carnival! The topic: “Write a letter to yourself five years ago. What have you accomplished? What do you regret? What are you most proud of? How has your life and/or your blog evolved in the last five years? What do you wish you could tell […]

#20SBSummit – So. Much. AWESOME.

Picture via @jenniferalaine‘s TwitPic The inaugural 20 Something Bloggers Summit was this weekend.  I’m sure those of you who follow 20SB on Twitter and other members who attended were well aware, because we blew Twitter up each and every second we were there.  (I apologize. Kind of.)  I mean, we were a trending topic in […]

Shakespeare, the Bachelorette and Blog Swap is Why my Summer Rocks

Today is the 9th Blog Swap for 20 Something Bloggers! I was lucky enough to be paired up with one of the 20SB Summit speakers Sami, who throws some wicked meetups in the Windy City.  Check out his reflections on summer below… and the fact that he started out with a Shakespeare reference, and ended […]

20SB Vlog Day! Introduce Yourself…

Today is 20SB Vlog Day! Please, please forgive me as you view the monstrosity of a vlog that is below. A few notes: Vimeo captures the WORST screen shots.  I don’t look this heinous in person, I promise. I did this in a hotel room in San Francisco. That meant I was holding my flip […]

#NintendoEnthused in Seattle!

You know what would be awesome? Time to blog. Mehhhhh. I’ve been wanting to recap my great weekend in Seattle since I got back (and wanted to do it on Monday!), but work/life/etc seems to get in the way.  Stupid work/life/etc. Anywho, last Thursday found me heading to Seattle via Brand About Town and Nintendo! […]