20SB Blogging Prompt: Villains You Love to Hate

The latest 20SB blogging prompt immediately made me want to use it because OMG BREAKING BAD WALTER WHITE HOLY SHIT THAT SHOW IS GOING TO KILL ME! Dave and I are behind on the show, and literally have the last two episodes left to watch before it’s over for ALL OF TIME. Walter White. I […]

Pioneer Woman’s Twice-Baked Potatoes – 20SB Recipe Index!

The other night I made Twice-Baked Potatoes, a la The Pioneer Woman. And while there was nothing at all healthy about these bad boys, Dave and I shoved them in our mouths at light speed. Butter and cheese and sour cream and potatoes, OH MY! I’m also sharing this recipe as part of the 20SB […]

20SB Blogging Prompt: Loving ME

I’ve been feeling a little down about myself lately. Part of this is solely because I know I’m not taking care of myself like I should be. I am in desperate need of a manicure, (and in need of a shave, blech), but it seems to come around every so often, this feeling I can’t […]

Hard Rock & Rubber Duckies

All throughout childhood I had collections. POGs, decorative candles, McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, Disney snow globes, Beanie Babies… the list goes on and on. The main thing those collections had in common was that they were all passing fads during the whims of adolescence. However, two things have remained a constant in my collecting. Rubber […]

Blog Carnival: Your Favorite YouTube Video

The YouTube channel WIGS posted a video where the actors discuss their favorite videos of 2012. The team at 20SB teamed up with WIGS for our January Blog Carnival, and to participate, we’re sharing some of our favorite YouTube videos. It was hard for me to choose just one, so I share with you the […]

My Personal Hell

A while ago the fabulous Amy wrote a post describing what her personal hell would be like. I immediately bookmarked it for a future post of my own, since I loved the idea (and had it added as a 20SB blogging prompt). So what would be included my personal hell? Cake will be playing on […]