February Prime Purchases

It’s the first Tuesday of the month so its time to link up for Prime Purchases! I love seeing what everyone buys on my favorite site and I love sharing my purchases too!

February was another tame Prime month for me – I feel like I used to order so much more from Amazon! I guess I’m just being smarter about purchases? Anyway, I did get some great things this past month!

In February, my Amazon purchases included:

February Amazon Purchases | Perks of Being a JAP | www.perksofbeingajap.com

Rainbocorns Hamster Plush – this was a hot toy of the holiday season but I didn’t get one for Sadie then. They were on sale recently (and I knew about it thanks to one of the deals Facebook groups I’m subscribed to) so I snagged two – one for Sadie and one as a future birthday party gift.

Takeya Insulated Tumbler – I needed a new insulated coffee tumbler and usually buy RTIC brand but I had purchased a Takeya tumbler at HomeGoods to drink water out of at work and I loved it, so I snagged this fuschia one. I cannot deal with wide-mouth water bottles/tumblers and prefer to drink out of a straw so this flip top one was perfect.

Lonely Planet’s Where To Go When book – I wrote about this book in my last Listening, Reading, Watching post and how great it was. And it’s still under $10! Such a great price for an awesome gift/book.

Sprayzee Natural Shoe Deodorizer spray – This is kinda gross, but Sadie’s feet STINK. She has clammy feet (ewww – and also from my side of the family) and especially after wearing Ugg-style boots her feet AND shoes smell terrible. At this point, I think her boots are past the point of saving, but this did help with the smell. I may try those charcoal inserts next that are supposed to help with shoe odors.

Rummikub – Dave’s family LOVES this game and after playing it during Christmas I wanted to get our own set. Fun fact – his family pronounces it Rummy-cub, when I learned its actually pronounced Rummy-Koob! It’s such a fun game and I think Sadie will be able to grasp it and play with us soon.

We wanted to pick up some games for Sadie that would help with her reading and spelling, so I grabbed Zingo! Sight Words and Scrabble Junior. We haven’t played Zingo! yet but we did play Scrabble Junior while on vacation and it was so much fun! I love that you can play the board two ways, the standard Scrabble way and then a version that is designed for younger kids and beginner readers – it was great and she loved it (and won!) I would definitely recommend it.

Ty Beanie Boo Flippy Sequin Unicorn – Sadie’s latest obsession is Beanie Boos! She loves them, sleeps surrounded by them and is generally enamored with them, no matter what animal or size they are. We saw these flippy sequin ones and I snagged one for her that I’ll put in her Easter basket.

What were your recent Amazon purchases?

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  1. Totally TMI but I should get that shoe spray! My feet are always clammy even when I am cold, it makes no damn sense!

  2. It’s rummy-cube! Like rummy, but with cubes! lol. I love that game. I want that Lonely Planet book too!

  3. My kids used to LOVE Zingo – it was a favorite for many years. I have kept my Amazon shopping down a little by just waiting a few days to buy things after I put them in my cart. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya – The Other Side of the Road

  4. My kids have a beenie boo obsession too! I am very interested in that travel book!

  5. Mother of 3 says

    We LOVE Rummikub!

  6. We LOVE Zingo! It’s such a fun game for the littles! My oldest has a bad case of stank feet too! Hahaha! Thank God for Natives in the summer time – helps keep his feet aired out!

  7. Two of my recent Amazon purchases were thanks to you: I bought that tie-front waffle shirt in THREE colors, & I also finally took our Christmas tree down after ordering the ornament storage box you shared. So thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yay! Makes me so happy. And that ornament organizer is great – I wound up condensing our ornaments from two plastic tubs with tons of tissue and other padding to that box plus a small one for oversized ornaments. YAY

  8. Gosh, Rummikub was one of my favorite games growing up! I remember lots of family game nights with that game!

    I think my best Amazon purchases in February were my Instant Pot and this crazy robotic cat toy that my kitties go crazy over!

  9. I was thinking about buying some shoe deodorizer. Thanks for the recommendation!

  10. So glad you like Scrabble Jnr, that’s definitely a Friday Night fave in our house!! The only thing I purchased from Amazon Prime this month was my Pressure King Pro (just another type of Instant Pot) and more of the Little People Big Dreams books for my daughter. This month was Marie Curie. I am vaguely addicted to these books. The information they give is a bit limited (due to trying to be age appropriate) but they at beautiful books to have on the shelves and then Amy and I have spent time trying to find out more information about the people. So far we have Marie Curie, Anne Frank, Audrey Hepburn, Rosa Parks, Emmeline Pankhurst, Ella Fitzgerald and Amelia Earhart. Love love them!

    • Those books sound great! We’re not up to them with Sadie yet, but she did start watching the “The Who Was? Show” on Netflix which talks about important historical figures like the Who Was ____ books.


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