What’s Giving Me Anxiety

I’ve written before about my struggles with anxiety. I didn’t used to be this anxious as a child but a bad relationship and an extremely stressful job with an out of control boss (not currently but previously) have left my nerves dangling by a thread. You can read a some of my posts about anxiety here.

I thought it would be interesting and maybe helpful (maybe?) to share a list of some of the things that give me anxiety. These are random, written down in my blogging notebook as they came up or I had realization about what was making me anxious at that moment.

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Things That Make Me Anxious:

Sadie’s constant cough – Sadie has been coughing non-stop. It’s more of a throat clearing than a sick cough but still. It seems like she’s never not coughing! The doctor said its just post-nasal drip and gave us Bromfed to give her as needed but I don’t think it’s really helping and she hates it because it tastes nasty.

Not having blog posts ready – I try to post three times a week but sometimes life just gets the better of me (like these past few days) and I can’t get it together. I don’t want to beat myself up since I wanted this round of blogging to be obligation/schedule free but it still gets to me.

Thinking I’m being left out of plans or forgotten about – All. The. Time. Also see this post. This alone causes me so much anxiety.

Work – Listen, I’m an event planner. I get stressed/anxious! My job itself is amazing, but it’s just par for the course.

I HAVE NO IDEA – The fun part of anxiety (at least for me) is that sometimes I have no earthly idea why I am anxious! Literally none. It’s ridiculous, annoying and frustrating as all hell.

Sadie’s struggles in school – We’re going through some academic stuff with Sadie right now that I know will turn out okay in the end, but it gives me all the anxiety. I’m not willing to share much about it now, but once we have more answers I’ll probably write a post about it.

A plan for Sadie’s Girl Scout Troop falling through – I had set up an activity for Sadie’s GS troop and they fell through the day of. I felt horrible about it even though it was out of my control (see – anxiety). The other GS troops leaders rallied and came up with a replacement activity, and all was good, but I still felt like they were going to hold it against me (of course they didn’t) and that it would reflect badly on me (of course it didn’t.) Sigh.

That is just a small sample of what goes through my brain when I’m feeling anxious and what causes the feelings.

I hope this was helpful to someone out there. Basically just to know that anxiety can be triggered by the smallest of things, and sometimes even nothing! It’s frustrating, but you’re not alone. 🙂

If you’re willing to share, what gives you anxiety?


  1. Ah, girl, I totally feel this – & am happy to see this kind of honesty from another blogger. Things that give me anxiety right now include my unpredictable & often out-of-sorts sleep schedule (will I wake up in time for that meeting? etc.), my weight, whether I need to schedule an MRI for my still-not-healed knee, my messy apartment (when will we have time to take the Christmas tree down?!), some strange noises coming from my car… the list goes on… forever…

    • I really try to be transparent about my anxiety because I’m in that weird in-between place (at least I think.) Like, I don’t take medication for it, don’t go to therapy, but there are just THINGS that get me all twisted up. If someone sees it and it helps them, I’m all for the honesty about it! <3

  2. Writing about anxieties always helps me. Thank you for sharing yours with us! I totally feel you on the missing out/being left out of things. Most of my friends live in Florida and they are all going through different life stages. My best friend from childhood is having a baby next month and I feel so distanced from her.

    • Ughh it totally sucks to feel removed from stuff. None of my close friends live near me – three are at least in NY, but not like, 5 mins away or anything. I am hoping to make more local friends as we get to know people more. <3

  3. Yup. I am anxious about nothing! Right now I’m anxious about a purchase I made yesterday that I’m not sure I should have!
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  4. I really hate not being liked. I like to think I am above all that but turns out I’m not! I went to a black tie function the other week for my husbands work and I just felt people didn’t like me (goodness knows if they did or not but I hadn’t had that feeling since High School). Ended up taking a mini panic attack in the toilets and feeling sick for the week after. Horrible Horrible Horrible! Thank you for sharing what makes you anxious, it always helps to share I think.

    • Ugh sorry you went through that!! I totally get you. It’s weird though – if I’m with Dave I’m fine. I’m great with new people/in a crowd! On my own is a completely different can of worms.

  5. Oh, heyyyy, speaking my language right here. Let me think about the last few things that brought me anxiety: taking my new cat to the vet (just the social aspect of it), I drove over something weird in the road so I started getting anxious about my car breaking down on the highway, a work issue that feels too complicated for me to solve… on and on and on. Maybe I’ll start keeping track in my phone so I can express all the different ways I experience anxiety typically! It’s tough to be an anxious person but I’m glad we’re beginning to destigmatize it.

    • I have also found that if I write down what makes me anxious when I look back later its almost laughable (some of them at least). Kind of helps take the sting of them away a little bit.

  6. OOF feeling like I’m being forgotten is a huge anxiety trigger for me too. And that free-floating anxiety seemingly without a cause is lots of fun ugh.
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