January Goals Update & Goals for February

I swear I blinked and it’s the end of January. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? Good lord. In the interest of total transparency, I wanted to share how I did with my January goals.

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As a reminder, I set both yearly goals as well as my first shot at monthly goals. Here’s how I did:

Run or Work Out 12 Times – Yeahhh… this was a fail. To my credit I got slapped with a wicked cold mid-January where I wanted to do nothing but sit on the couch wallowing in my own misery. The last thing I wanted to do was get on the treadmill while super congested. I did get in eight runs/workouts, so it wasn’t too bad.

Get my car washed – Done!! I was able to cross this one off the list when Dave and I took both our cars to get washed and detailed. It feels SO GOOD to drive around in a clean car!

Make a cleaning list/schedule – I just put this together the other day. Here’s a snapshot below. To some of you it may seem like not enough but having these basic tasks visible somewhere will hopefully help me (and Dave) be better about cleaning on a more regular schedule.

Cleaning Schedule | Perks of Being a JAP | www.perksofbeingajap.com

We shall see!! I also found this cute clean/dirty printable for our dishwasher to help Sadie determine when to put a dish in the dishwasher vs in the sink. I laminated it at work and glued on a magnet to the back of it – so far it’s helping a lot!

Make haircut appointments for me and Sadie – Done! Sadie had her haircut and blown out (see the photo where she looks 16!) and I have an appointment for a trim and balayage touch up this coming Saturday. Woo hoo!

List the bag of clothes on Poshmark – I’m going to give myself a B+ on this one. I got through most of the bag, but then Dave went through some of his clothes and added more! That’s what happens when you drop 40 pounds – your pants are all too big! So I’m hopefully going to get it all done within the next week or so.

February Goals:


Use a face mask once a week (at least) – I own so many different face masks and I rarely use them. Dave also got me a pack of face masks for Christmas so I really need to start making use of them before they all get expired and gross. Maybe I’ll share my face masks on Instagram or something. #facemaskfebruary (?) I have also realized I don’t like sheet masks – they make me kind of claustrophobic! So I better find them and pass them along to someone that would enjoy them.


Fix five things – I toss things that need to be fixed into a set of drawers I keep in our spare bedroom. Things like clothes that need to be mended, Sadie’s junk that needs fixing, random broken things. The drawer is getting pretty full because I tend to forget about stuff so I want to make sure I pick at least five things to fix this month.


Drink water every day – Like many people, I am so bad about drinking water! I really want to focus on that this month and going forward, by at least drinking a full tumbler daily. I have this insulated tumbler on my desk at work so I really have no excuse (and I kind of want to get another for my coffee – they’re awesome!)


Don’t let the house get crazy – I am traveling a TON in February, both for work and for leisure. Dave and Sadie are with me during one trip but the other two are just me. I really don’t want a chaotic, messy house the whole month so I am going to try and be super organized when I am actually home so I don’t get anxious. A really messy house gets me so anxious! (Hence also needing the cleaning chart!)

And that’s it for February. Honestly, I am going to be gone SO MUCH this month that I don’t want to add more for myself! I just counted and I am away from home for a total of 12 days plus three at the beginning of March! Eeep!

How did your January goals go? Did you set new ones for February?

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  1. If you were coming to Galentine’s Day I would say to GIVE ME ALL YOUR SHEET MASKS. But you can give them to someone else who you will actually see sometime soon. HOW DO YOU NOT LIKE THEM. You don’t like sheet masks, you don’t like pumpkin spice, I don’t even know how we’re friends.
    Arielle recently posted…Let’s Talk About Dave Matthews BandMy Profile

  2. I love the idea of facemask february! I prefer the clay masks or masks you can spread on instead of the sheet masks. I just picked up Olay’s Clay Stick and I’m loving it!

  3. I didn’t quite finish my January goals. I have one big bad one which is Simon’s closet! And I’m falling behind on my organizing too. I think you did well despite getting sick! Self care is a great one to try this month!
    Dara recently posted…What’s Up Wednesday – JanuaryMy Profile

  4. Have you been successful selling on Poshmark? I haven’t been…

    Thanks for the reminder to use my face masks… I always forget 😉

    • I’ve been pretty successful considering I don’t put too much work into it. The time-consuming part is taking good pictures and listing, and if I’m bored then I go into it and reshare the listings etc.

  5. I love the cleaning schedule you made! I still need to make one for myself. It’s so easy to let all the cleaning tasks fall to the wayside because I don’t have a schedule to stick to!

    I love the idea of Face Mask February! How fun. I also have so many masks that I don’t know what to do with. I’ve never used a sheet mask, but I had some I need to use, so I’m interested to know if I feel the same way you do about them!
    Stephany recently posted…February GoalsMy Profile


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