Five on a Friday 1.25.19

This week draaaaaaaaaagged. Anyone else? Well there’s no rest for the weary because we also have a pretty busy weekend. Sigh. Here we go!

Here’s my Five on a Friday!


Did you catch my Day in the Life post this week? I’m such a voyeur I love reading these types of posts. It’s amazing how your own mundane day can be so interesting to someone else! I’m going to make it a point to record these more often – they seem to be so popular!

Day in the Life - Winter 2019 | Perks of Being a JAP |


I feel like I’m late to the game with this one because I’m only now really paying attention to it but good lord Instagram is frustrating! I am trying to grow my followers and it makes me RAGE when I get a bunch of new followers only to see the number decrease the very next day. WTF! Seriously, what is that nonsense?


I did take a free and pretty helpful Instagram webinar by Hilary Rushford which I think already improved my feed, here’s the link if anyone is interested! (She seems to do a couple each month). Warning – it’s self-promoting in the beginning and VERY pitchy at the end, but are definitely some helpful nuggets in the middle and it’s only about an hour.


Dave and I recently discovered Conan Without Borders on Netflix and we’re obsessed! Sadly its only six episodes but OMG they’re hilarious. I have to admit I binged while Dave was away (Sorry!) and the Italy episode had me crying I was laughing so hard – I thought I was going to wake up Sadie!

Watch it – you won’t be disappointed. Some of the episodes get a tad political (Haiti, Israel) but I was impressed with how well Conan handled it – he injects humor where appropriate and doesn’t dismiss any comment made by those he comes in contact with.


I’ve been trying not to purchase breakfast or lunch at work and bring items from home. Usually for breakfast, I just grab two eggs from home and microwave them with a bit of sriracha but recently I’ve charged up my breakfast eggs and they are DELICIOUS.

I crack two eggs in a bowl and add some chopped mushrooms and then microwave for a minute. Then I sprinkle a shredded four-cheese blend on top and some chopped scallions and pop back into the microwave for another 30 seconds. Add some sriracha and mmmmm it’s so good!


Part of our busy weekend includes heading into the city on Sunday with a group of friends for the Trolls Experience! We bought tickets months ago and it’s finally here! And I almost forgot to tell Sadie haha. She’s super excited. Hell I’M SUPER EXCITED!

I also admit that I love the movie soundtrack! Sadie and I would listen to it nonstop and I have a feeling it’s about to come back into rotation after this weekend.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. That Instagram algorithm is the WORST! I’ve stopped all together crediting the platform as a source for followers.

  2. Eggs in the microwave…. mmh… never thought of doing that ๐Ÿ˜‰
    San recently posted…Things I want to do in 2019My Profile

  3. I agree that Instagram’s algorithm is really frustrating. Hope you have a fun weekend, especially at the Trolls experience!

  4. Whoa, I’ve never heard of cooking eggs in the microwave! I’ll have to try it. Have fun at the Trolls experience, it looks really awesome.

    • If you like eggs for breakfast, it’ll be a game changer – just be prepared to figure out your microwave’s strength so you don’t overcook or worse, have them explode! Haha!

  5. I love Instagram, but yeah, it can be really annoying too. I find that I lurk on there more than I actually post lately! And I haven’t even seen Trolls, but the Trolls Experience looks super fun!

    • I was lurking a lot recently and decided to try and make more of an effort – so we’ll see. And OMG the Trolls movie is super cute. I find myself singing the songs even when my daughter isn’t around!


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