A Day in the Life – Winter 2019

I LOVE Day in the Life posts. Not necessarily mine, but I love the look into the life of others. Voyeurism? Sure. But it’s not like I’m peeping into windows right? RIGHT? 🙂 And looking back on the blog the last time I did a DITL post was in 2016. So, I was sorely overdue.

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Lacey: 35 years old
Dave: 39 years old
Sadie: 6 years old

Friday, January 18, 2019

6:05am – My alarm goes off and I pop out of bed. Since New Years I’ve been waking up with my alarm (as part of my yearly goals) and its made a world of difference in my mornings. Soon after the alarm I set to remind me to capture photos today goes off and so I start!

I head to the bathroom where I look GLORIOUS, and start my usual routine – turn on the shower, waste some time checking email, Instagram, and playing Wordscape. After wasting sufficient time I pop my contact lenses in and hop in the shower.

6:30am – Sadie got up on her own – woo hoo! Most mornings I have to wake her up. We pick out her clothes, get in a morning snuggle and she starts her morning routine.

7:00am – I still had a pretty bad cough/cold but decided to push through and head into the office – I had stayed home for a few days so I needed some person to person stimulation. 🙂 I finished getting myself ready, and Sadie joined me and we had a lovely conversation about which animals can lose appendages but grow them back, and then we Googled photos of the praying mantis. I also called my dentist and left a message with their answering service to cancel the cleaning appointment that I had – there was no way I could have sat there with my mouth open with the congestion I had!

Look outside and see it snowed (ugh). Get everything ready including breakfast for Sadie, school bag, my bag, etc.

7:26am – Headed out the door with Sadie. On my way to the car I cracked one of the eggs I had packed for work (I cook them in the microwave there) so I had to throw out the bag and make a note to buy breakfast when I got to work.

7:33am – Dropped Sadie off at school. Watch as she meanders her way to the front door. Why is it that kids can go so fast when they want to, but when YOU want them to move fast they channel a snail?

On my way to work I listen to a podcast – Death, Sex & Money. It’s one of my favorite podcasts and this episode is about a banker who winds up becoming a nun.

8:05am – I’m at my desk and I schmooze with my colleagues who I haven’t seen since I left work early on Tuesday, and spend part of the morning catching up on emails.

8:27am – Another alarm goes off, reminding me to text my cousin who is supposed to babysit for Sadie the next night.

8:40am – Now I am STARVING so I head to the local deli by my office to grab some food. I also get another coffee because I stupidly left mine in the car and its SO COLD that I don’t want to have to walk in the other direction to retrieve it.

9:15am – I lay out my planner on my desk. I don’t use it for work related tasks, but for other tasks/reminders I have to take care of and I use it to jot down a running to-do list for each day.

9:30am – Work, work, work, work, work…… work, work, work!

11:07am – I take a moment to restart my computer because it’s acting funky.

12:15pm – Lunch time! I have leftover Spaghetti Pie (mmmmmm) and as its warming in the microwave I crack open my seltzer to let it sit. I like my seltzer slightly flat (so weird I know) so I give it some time to rest before I drink it.

12:40pm – OMG my lips are SO DRY from this cold! (My sickness cold, not the weather.) I have been applying this lip balm on repeat which is my favorite – I’ve been using it since college! I love it so much I keep one on my desk and one in my purse so I’m never without!

1:15pm – My parents literally overlap in phone calls to check in and see how I am feeling. Too cute. I hang up with my mom to talk to my dad and she goes, “tell him I say hi.” Haha!

1:50pm – Work, work, work, work, work… I answer emails, answer questions my team has for me, work on adding an upcoming event into our registration system and more. Listen to Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me! while I work.

During all this work I snack on some raspberries and then at 3:30pm I’m hungry again so I heat up the rest of my lunch.

4:30pm – I leave a little early form work to pick up Sadie and take her to get a haircut. She always leaves school looking like a hot mess. Anyone elses child?

5:00-6:00pm – We stop by her preschool to say hi to her old teacher but we just missed her. Right next door is Subway so we grabbed that for dinner (its seriously Sadie’s favorite!) and then headed to the hair salon. Sadie got her haircut and blown out as I spent some time with my Kindle.

As I said in my Instagram post, Sadie went into the salon as a 6-year-old and left looking like she’s 16. She is obsessed with herself when her hair is straight, and now she’s asking for a pink streak. Hold me.

7:10pm – We are finally home and settled in to watch the 2nd half of The Greatest Showman (we started the night before) while I tackle some laundry.

8:20pm – Sadie is tucked into bed and it’s time for wine and Conan Without Borders. If you’re not watching this on Netflix you need to. It is hysterical and the Italy episode had me crying with tears of laughter.

9:20pm – I decide to switch to a movie and watch Room. I loved the book but never saw the movie. It was pretty good, but does the book no justice. I made some popcorn during the movie and topped it with my favorite Everything But the Bagel seasoning!

11:07pm – I decide it’s time for bed. Good night!

And that was my Friday! Pretty normal day for us, minus the fact tat Dave had left on a ski trip so he was gone for the weekend.

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  1. Great day besides your cold! Hope you’re feeling better. Gabbie loves having her hair straightened too. It takes forever though! I love Everything Bagel Seasoning! I liked that book Room, I didn’t know it was a movie. Also, I like how you have your photos hanging on your office (cube) walls!
    Dara recently posted…Three Things Tuesday – My Quirky KidsMy Profile

  2. I LOVE day in the life posts so much. So fun to get a glimpse at what other people’s days are like! Your daughter has spectacular hair. I love this line: “Why is it that kids can go so fast when they want to, but when YOU want them to move fast they channel a snail?” Talk about RELATABLE.

  3. I loooove day-in-the-life posts. I should do one soon – but I spend so much time at home that I’d really have to pick the right day for it, or else it’d be reaaaal boring. Ha.

    I’ve never listened to Death, Sex, & Money, but now I’m going to check it out. That episode alone sounds fascinating!

  4. DITL posts are my fave. It’s funny how fascinating it is to see into the day-to-day of someone else’s life. I looove Sadie’s hair – I can’t believe how big she is!

  5. Loved your DITL post! Sadie’s hair looks so good! I bet she thought she was so big. I hope you are feeling better!

  6. These posts are always a favorite of mine too! I actually almost posted one this week..maybe next! You have a VERY busy schedule…I’m impressed with all that you can get done in a day!

  7. I always love a peek into other people’s days… thanks for sharing (also happy to see someone else who uses a paper planner! :))

  8. I love Day in the Life posts, they’re always so interesting! (Also, I am nosy? haha) Ugh, if I were feeling sick AND it was cold and snowy, I would have been totally miserable! Good for you for handling it all with a positive attitude! And you have the cutest containers (lunch container, travel coffee mug)!

  9. I love reading DITL posts, and this reminds me to do one in February. 🙂 I am also obsessed with Wordscapes and spend a lot of time playing it before jumping into the shower. It’s great for procrastination!

    Sadie looks SO grown-up with her hair straightened. How do you even handle that?!

    • What’s your level on Wordscapes? I’m at 334 now, and 10,897 brilliance LOL. And don’t even get me started on Sadie’s straight hair!! She loooooooooves herself something fierce when its straight.

  10. This just reminded me to do a DITL post for winter. I love reading them and love looking back on how much things have changed in my household- even after only a few months!

    I haven’t thought to put Everything but the bagel seasoning on popcorn- I will have to try that!
    nonsequiturchica recently posted…2019 goalsMy Profile

  11. Mother of 3 says

    Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather; that’s no fun.


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