Five on a Friday 1.18.19

I am so happy this week is coming to a close! On Monday I got a cold that Sadie had (thank you my dear child) and it slammed me to the ground full force. I went home early on Tuesday I felt so bad and have been working from home ever since. And now I have an ear infection because I am a child who never outgrew them. Yay ME!

With that, here’s my Five on a Friday!


Do you know what’s a great thing? Modern medicine! Granted none of the over the counter meds I’ve been taking for this cold seems to really be helping but I went to Urgent Care for my ears, got a prescription and I know a few days after taking that I’ll feel good. Well, better. I am thankful for very good health insurance – the benefits of Dave being a city employee.


Did you guys do the 10 Years Later challenge on Facebook? I know some people thought it was stupid and some are claiming that Facebook is using it to enhance their facial recognition software but whatever I thought it was fun! Here’s mine:

Facebook 10 Year Challenge | Perks of Being a JAP |

My favorite comments were that my eyebrow game is more fierce now (THANK YOU AUBREY) and that I am a confirmed vampire cause I haven’t aged haha. Did you do the 10 year challenge?


Since I’ve been sick I’ve been living in comfy clothes. Hoodies, long sleeve shirts, cozy pants. I found these college sweatpants in the bottom of my drawer and forgot how comfortable they are!

Hofstra Pride | Perks of Being a JAP |

These are fifteen years old!! That’s longer than I’ve known Dave! These were totally in style with the words on the butt back when Juicy Couture came out with their JUICY sweatpants (had those too!) I remember getting them too – every year Greek life would sell homecoming gear (not that I ever went – wasn’t a huge thing at Hofstra if you weren’t in Greek Life) and usually it was scrubs but then they changed it to these sweatpants! I ran and got a pair, immediately cut the ankle bands off (joggers weren’t a thing then) and cut a slit up the sides (remember doing that?) and LIVED in them. These even went with me to Israel when I went on Birthright.


We are supposed to get a lot of snow this weekend and I am NOT ready. Not at all. I know some areas got hit last weekend but we haven’t really had a snowfall yet! And Dave is off skiing for the weekend so I’m going to have to deal with it if it really comes down while he’s gone. Grumble grumble.


Since this year we are going on a ski vacation, next year we’re going to plan a more tropical vacation. We rotate every year so its we each get vacations we like. Dave is wintery/skiing, and I am tropical/relaxing. We’ve been looking at a bunch of islands, but do you have any recommendations? Doesn’t have to be all-inclusive, but that’s certainly a plus if it is!


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  1. Kids and their colds — oooof. My daughter and I are in the middle of Cold #2 of 2019. Yay.

    The photos of you really do look like you haven’t aged a bit! Amazing!

  2. I’m with you on the tropical vacation! I love the islands! I didn’t post my aging challenge but I looked and I looked way better 10 years ago, so yeah. Have a good weekend!
    Dara recently posted…Hooray, It’s Friday! Tesla, Museum, Snow, and MoreMy Profile

  3. I just got back from my tropical vacation – & am totally unprepared for all the snow we’re supposed to get!

  4. FEEL BETTER! What a fun idea to alternate the type of vacations. We love Jamaica–so laid back and relaxing!

  5. I’m just glad the snowstorm is over the weekend, so it doesn’t affect commuting to work. That’s always the worst. I wish I could transport back in time to when I actually *liked* snow.

  6. You really haven’t aged at all!! And YES I totally remember having to cut the elastic out of the ankles on sweatpants! ‘Twas a simpler time back then hahaha! I still have Victoria’s Secret sweatpants that say PINK on the butt and are probably from 2005!
    Jess recently posted…High Five for Friday: January 18My Profile

  7. I’m sorry you got a cold. I’m so not ready for snow either but it looks like we are just getting rain here, but it’s supposed to all freeze over. Yeah, not fun at all. I love that you rotate back and forth between vacations. Hope you’re having a good weekend! Sierra

  8. Hope you are feeling better soon!
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  9. I have really bad ears – I’ve had surgery in both of them – so I still get ear infections too. No fun. I’m glad that’s doing better and as for the cold, ugh! Those are the worst!! I hope you feel totally better soon. That’s fun that your family switches off types of vacations each year so you and your husband BOTH get something you enjoy. πŸ™‚

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    • Ughhh that stinks about your ears. I’ve literally gotten at least one ear infection every year without fail. My mom said the doctors never suggested tubes in my ears or anything. Just stinks.

  10. Haha, I think I have some college sweatpants with writing on the butt… but hey, comfy is comfy! πŸ™‚

    I’d totally vote for the skiing vacation, if I had a say LOL I miss skiing in the Alps!
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  11. islands: aruba, st. Martin, st. lucia, turks & caicos. These are all islands where you can walk around *safely* without anyone bothering you etc. i dont like being holed up in a resort; i like being able to walk outside of the hotel etc. for st.martin, head to the french side – it’s better (cleaner) but a bit more expensive. either way, the island is gorgeous!

    • Thanks for the island recommendations! We kind of feel the same way about a resort – we did one in Dominican Republic years ago but felt like we couldn’t get off the resort alone.

  12. Isn’t modern medicine amazing? Last month I had a neverending cough that just would NOT go away and was keeping me up at night. My doctor put me on steroids and a z-pack and it cleared it RIGHT up. It’s just amazing.

    I would recommend Jamaica as a vacation destination but I’ve only been there on cruises, so I’m not sure about the safety aspect. But I also second the previous commenter’s suggestion of St. Maarten or Turks & Caicos. Two great destinations!

    • Luckily I didn’t have to take steroids but I was so thankful for the Z-pack! Sadie’s had a lingering cough but I think it’s just weather-related. πŸ™ Thanks for the tropical destination suggestions!


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