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This was meant to be a monthly feature where I discuss one thing I’m listening to, one thing I am reading and one thing I am watching to share with you! Obviously with my lack of blogging it didn’t continue, but I’m eager to bring it back so here we go!

Listening, Reading, Watching | Perks of Being a JAP |

I’m Listening To:

Sold in America | Perks of Being a JAP |

I actually have two podcasts I want to share! Usually, I just listen to podcasts in chronological order on my phone, mixing up shows as I go, but often when its a podcast with a story arc I forgo everything else and plow on through to get to the end. You NEED to listen to The Dream and Sold in America.

Sold in America | Perks of Being a JAP |

The Dream dives into MLM Marketing (otherwise known as pyramid schemes) and its enlightening as well as frightening. Yes, some people do super well with it but there are so many sob stories. The investigative nature was really intriguing and well done.

Sold in America focuses on the selling of sex in the US – from legal prostitution to trafficking and much more. It was eye opening and I really appreciated how Noor Tagouri researched not just in one area of sex for sale but many and some that you wouldn’t even think of.

I’m Reading:

Girl, Wash Your Face | Perks of Being a JAP |

I am just starting Girl, Wash Your Face and I’m eager to see if it lives up to the hype!

I’ve heard very mixed reviews about it – some people LOVE IT and swear its life-changing, others think it’s not worth the hype and some have said its message is very Christian.

But regardless I purchased it a few months ago and I’m trying to get through the massive amount of books I have on my bookshelf and on my Kindle so here we go!

I’m Watching:

The Good Place | Perks of Being a JAP |


I’m obsessed with The Good Place! I binged the first two seasons on Netflix while Dave was on a ski trip and then immediately found what has aired of season three to watch and caught up. Now I’m making Dave watch it so he can catch up with me and we can watch it together going forward.

The premise, how each season has progressed, the characters – I love, love, LOVE IT.

What are you listening to, reading and watching?

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  1. I have heard mixed reviews about that book as well. Would love to see what you think. Visiting you from the hello monday link up.

  2. The possible Christian message of the book is why I haven’t tried to get my hands on it yet. I would love to hear what you think about that. I watched the first season of The Good Place, maybe I should continue it!

    • I’m about halfway through and any religious mentions have been very much just in passing, referring Rachel Hollis’ own faith. We’ll see what the other half of the book brings! And definitely continue with The Good Place – it’s fantastic!

  3. Oh I will put the Good Place on my Netflix. Thanks for the recommendation. I still need to read Girl Wash Your Face.

  4. I started listening to the Dream – so interesting. I personally wasn’t a big fan of Girl, Wash Your Face. Some of her messages just rubbed me the wrong way. It does have a Christian slant, but it is what I would call Christianity “lite.” Thanks for linking up with hello Monday!

    • Love “Christianity Lite” lol. If you like The Dream, you should also check out Sounds Like an MLM, But OK. They also have a Facebook group which is pretty hilarious, and sometimes pretty upsetting (how some people reach out to people in the worst ways/at the worst times)

  5. That MLM podcast sounds so interesting. I know a bunch of girls from high school that are a part of MLM companies and I finally had to start blocking them on FB since they kept messaging me to join.

  6. AW DIP. The Good Place is probably the best show I have seen in a long time. I believe the show runner is the same as Brooklyn 99? The cast is AMAZING, as is the writing. It’s one of those shows where I can’t pick a favorite cast member/character, or episode… because it’s all so amazing. My little chili babies (aka my gaming group) and I have been watching together online this current season, and it’s just — yeah. I cannot rave enough about this show!

    Both of those podcasts sound great! Will definitely have to add them to my lists. (One of my sisters is making her way up in a MLM company… and while I’m happy she’s successful, I’ve been troubled with some of the “claims” she associates with it.)
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    • I was watching Brooklyn 99 for awhile and then stopped but I totally want to watch all seasons and catch up again! And I know a few people who have become SUPER successful in MLMs, and I’m happy for them. But they’re the 1% for sure.

  7. Very curious to hear what you think about my least favorite book of the year, haha. And I just started listening to The Dream!

  8. Very curious what you think about Rachel Hollis’ book… I think I gave it a fairly good review (although I definitely eye-rolled my way through this, because OH THE PRIVILEGE.)
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  9. I loved The Dream! I wanted a little more snark about MLMs because I despise them, haha, but it was a really good overview of how MLMs came to be and why they are so troubling now.

    I also ADORE The Good Place. I can’t wait for season 3 to come on Netflix.

  10. I love the Good Place! Do you know that there is a podcast for the show? The host is the actor that plays Shawn (the demon). It’s also a great podcast! The show runner is Moze from The Office. He also was the show runner for Parks & Rec (such a great show).

    I hate-read Girl Wash Your Face. I didn’t find it helpful because she didn’t really go into any sort of depth on how she worked through her issues. So one night she suddenly stands up to her now-husband and then their relationship is perfect? BS. I feel like if you read Scary Mommy you will get the same kind of mom, you are doing great type of talk.
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