December Prime Purchases

Before taking my blog hiatus I had tried to start an Amazon purchases link up. Now that I’m back I’ve found that Tanya has started one and so I’m just going to join hers instead of trying to revive my own. 🙂

I used to list every single little thing I Prime purchased that month but let’s be real – I buy EVERYTHING on Amazon. EVERYTHING. So I’m going to cherry pick some goodies to share with you instead of having a list of 20+ items. (Seriously. EVERYTHING.)

In December, my Amazon purchases included:

MEROKEETY Sleeveless Lace Dress – We had a small wedding to attend in December and I wanted needed a new dress. I have had great luck getting cocktail dresses from Modcloth but I didn’t want to spend a lot this time so I opted for this navy one from Amazon and this one delivered! It was super comfortable, complimented my figure and Dave loved it.

Five Pack of 6ft iPhone Chargers – Why do these chargers break so much? I keep them all over the house (because I’m lazy) and at work and in my car. They were starting to fray and some of them were super short so I grabbed this pack of them. For $14 its a STEAL and they work great!

Honestie Naturals Neck Firming Cream – Yup, I’m getting old! I’ve been noticing a crease on my neck, probably from staring at a computer all day at work and I’d like to prevent any more from showing up! We’ll see if it actually helps, but at least the dispenser on it is pretty cool!

Bangle Bracelet Flask – This was part of a Secret Snowflake gift for Arielle! (I can talk about it since we exchanged on Saturday.) There is a group of five of us that have been friends since right after college and we used to exchange every year! Then life got in the way and most of us live outside of the city now but we had recently met up in the summer for a baby shower and decided to bring it back! Arielle is always going to concerts so I thought this would be a good way for her to sneak in booze hahaha!

SWEES Fitbit Alta Metal Band – My Fitbit band just up and broke one night as I was sitting on the couch! It was the rubber one that had come with it and it lasted quite a while so I wasn’t too upset but still. I wanted something that was a little more dressy so I opted for this silver mesh band. I love it! It’s got a magnetic clasp which is cool and I thought I may have issues with it while running but its fine.

Everbellus High-Waisted Faux Leather Leggings – A local mom posted about these on Facebook and I immediately snagged them. While I definitely have to do a dance to get them on they are super comfy and flattering! I can’t wait to wear them.

Christmas Ornament Storage Box – For years I’ve been storing ornaments in two tupperware boxes and a ziplock baggie, each one wrapped in tissue paper to protect them. It was getting a bit unwieldy so I got this box and OMG it’s amazing. I fit almost every single ornament in there and I love that you can arrange the cardboard slots how you want to fit ornaments of all sizes. There were only like, four or five that were too large or too fragile to store inside. Win! Takes up so much less room too! b

Buffalo Plaid Table Runner – When we were decorating for Christmas Dave commented that my Pioneer Woman table runner wasn’t exactly Christmas-y. Well if you insist! I grabbed this red buffalo plaid one and it was perfect. I’m also going to use it for Valentine’s Day! And I have my eye on the orange and black one for Halloween…

What were your recent Amazon purchases?

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  1. I first started sharing my Amazon purchases with you! We also got new phone chargers this month but I didn’t include them on my link up because I had too many other things to share.

  2. I laughed at my most recent shipment from Amazon… It was so adult and boring. Outlet splitters, smart plugs, cable holders, and jumper cables for my car! lol All useful things I guess. Just nothing exciting. I do have a new Echo Dot coming that I’m excited about! Transitioning to a “smart” home will be a fun experiment.

  3. I love all of your finds. That dress is so pretty. I need to get that ornament storage box.

  4. Great minds think alike (regarding the link up)! The Amazon purchases are so fun to browse through, and I’m glad you decided to come link up. We are always buying new charging cords, and I love the dressy fitbit band. I love the buffalo plaid table runner. I bought some black and white napkins for Halloween, but have ended up using them all the time. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases!

  5. I had $150 in Amazon gift cards, so my recently purchases are: a lot of books, kitty litter, & three cases of Coca-Cola, shipped to the office of a friend whose dad recently passed away & is sliiiiightly addicted to soda. I’m looking into that ornament box!

  6. Great purchases! Visiting you today from Sarah Frazer’s link up.

  7. I buy so much from Amazon. It really is convenient…and cheap! I bought a lot last month, and it would take me forever to write a post. I definitely get chargers from them, though. They break so often!

  8. That lace dress is so pretty!
    Akaleistar recently posted…What Worked for Me in 2018My Profile

  9. I absolutely LOVE the dress that you chose and I’m sure it looked very flattering on you! Hey, if the Hubs likes it, that’s all that matters! The story behind the flask bracelet is too funny. I’ve seen those and always wondered if people really bought them, so I guess you answered my question!

  10. Oh I remember when you started sharing your Amazon purchases. I am glad you’re continuing with this link up… the dress is really cute! And report back about the neck cream LOL

  11. That dress is so pretty! I’m always scared to buy clothes off Amazon for some reason but so many people report about how great their clothes are!

    I don’t do a ton of shopping on Amazon, actually, but I do love how convenient it can be for purchases I just don’t feel like going to Target for haha. I think my favorite purchase of December was a new TV antenna since mine broke in half when it fell by accident. Oops. It was time for a new one anyway!
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    • I used to be 100% on the Target train but now that you can get literally anything on Amazon (and it’s usually cheaper) I’m die-hard. And the best part is with the clothes 9 times out of 10 you can return them and get your money back so easily!


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