Five January Goals on a Friday 1.4.19

Happy first Friday of 2019! I can’t believe how fast the holidays flew by – craziness!

Earlier this week I posted my Goals for 2019. I’m off to a decent start (four days in haha) but I wanted something else to be accountable for throughout the year so I decided to make monthly goals! Five sounded like a reasonable number, so here are my Five on a Friday GOALS for January!

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Run or Work Out 12 Times – I know this seems like a low number but I know myself and I know my capabilities. For the first month of having my treadmill and working on myself, 12 is a good number. I eventually want to get back into 5ks and other races so this is an important one.


Get my car washed – I upgraded from a tiny Prius to a RAV4 back in March and I haven’t taken it through the car wash yet. Ooops. I am so bad at doing that! To make matters worse I have a white car now and it looks sooooo dirty! (That’s the benefit of black cars like my last one – you barely see the dirt!) I need to get it to the car wash!


Make a cleaning list/schedule – January may not be the month where I start cleaning more regularly but it WILL be the month I put together a basic chore list and/or schedule. We usually get to the point where company is coming over or we’re just sick of it and we’re forced to do a massive cleaning (or I rage clean) and I want to neaten up more regularly so we’re not forced to do that as much/anymore. And I need something foolproof that I won’t wind up ignoring!


Make haircut appointments for me and Sadie – I am terrible at getting regular haircuts and therefore so is Sadie. And Sadie’s hair is Out Of Control. She’s got these amazing blonde ringlets but OMG they tangle so easily. She is overdue for a haircut and I am overdue for a good trim and some dye to cover up the greys. Besides making the appointment I also need to either make two separate appointments or plan on being there for hours because both of us take so long – Sadie loves, I mean LOVES having her hair blown out straight after her cut and she is enamored with herself (even more than usual.)


List the bag of clothes on Poshmark – This is actually an ongoing goal I’ve been working on. I had an overflowing bag of clothes sitting in our spare bedroom for who knows how long. In 2018 I finally went through it all, donated what was unsalvageable and listed the rest on Poshmark. Well, the bag is starting to fill again and I need to tackle it before it becomes too much! I also love that I can sell Dave and Sadie’s stuff on there now too! I want it empty by the end of the month.

Do you have monthly goals in addition to yearly goals? Both? One or the other? Fill me in!

Happy weekend!

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  1. I plan on getting my car cleaned this weekend and then keeping it clean for the year. I don’t know how, but my kids can explode anything and make it look messy within seconds so here is to trying! Haha! I love your January goals. I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I am making goal lists in my journal right now. I might post them on my blog next month for more accountability! Great goals for January!

  3. Oh my gosh – love the idea of monthly goals! I also love that you are bad about getting your car washed too. I abhor that for some reason and therefore consider a good rain a sufficient car wash. In the spirit of being an adult, I will also make it a goal to get a real car wash this month ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I feel ya on that car wash goal! I haven’t washed mine since it was warm out…so early October.

    Good luck on your monthly goals! I know you can do it!

  5. I have yearly and monthly goals too. I think I’m going to finally start sharing the monthly ones on the blog – I think it will be helpful. I really need to get my hair cut this month too; really, it needs to be thinned out more than anything.


  6. I don’t know, working out 12 times in a month sounds like a lot to me, haha! And I hear ya, I’m really bad about getting my car washed too. Like, I just never think to do it (aside from the fleeting thoughts of “Oh, my car is a wreck”), and so it never gets done!

  7. Andrea Nine says

    The idea of monthly goals is very appealing to me! Probably because every day I make a list of things to accomplish and enjoy crossing them off, LOL! Happy new year!

  8. I need to find a cleaning schedule that works for me too. Beth recently posted one and I think I’m going to try that out for a little while. I have a spare closet with stuff to sell on Poshmark, but I have a love/hate relationship with that site. It’s such a pain doing it all through my phone, I wish they would make it available to sell through a computer! Good luck with all of your goals!

  9. Have you been successful in selling on Poshmark? I had no luck there.

    • I have! I’ve been doing it for a while – it takes a little bit of work to continuously share items and stuff but I’ve been pretty successful. It’s just taking the photos and listing that is time-consuming for me.

  10. Ugh, the cleaning schedule. I keep trying to make something work with that but I am so bad at remembering to actually use it, haha. I finally printed out a calendar and I’m trying to use one day for each chore because doing all of the chores on one day makes me ragey. Hopefully I can stick to it!

    • I need to just figure out a cleaning schedule that is realistic (like, I know I am not vacuuming often or mopping) and what we can work with having two full-time jobs!


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