Goals for 2019

I feel like 2018 kind of got away from me. I started off strong and then fell into a funk that lasted for the better half of the year. I don’t want that to happen again in 2019 and I’m hoping that setting some obtainable goals for myself will help keep me both motivated and accountable.

I’ve set goals for myself in past years with mixed results, so here is to 2019 being the year that I do the best. I’m not expecting perfection, but at least a solid attempt.

My goals for 2019

Write in my One Line a Day journal – I actually got this like two years ago but neglected it pretty quickly. I want to start again on January 1st and continue it every day.

Make dinner one night a week – This sounds so simple right? But I admit Dave does 99.9% of the cooking. This comes down to two reasons – he gets home from work first and he can throw together a meal easily without a recipe. I am usually not home until close to 6pm and I rely heavily on recipes to make a meal. I used to cook a lot more but its definitely become something I just don’t even plan on doing anymore. And I really don’t have an excuse considering Dave also does the shopping most of the time (have I ever talked about how lucky I am?) and we have a slow cooker and InstantPot. So I’m going to pick a list recipes to make – old ones and new ones and schedule them out each week.

Use my treadmill 3-4 times a week – We just got the new treadmill and I’m doing pretty well so far but I need to make sure I make good use out of it. It cost a pretty penny! And I want to start getting back into 5ks and other races so this really leaves me with no excuse in the cold winter months.

Finish up my Purge – Back in 2016 I started the year of the purge – going through areas in my house and getting rid of junk, organizing and more. I was pretty bad at updating about it on the blog but I have actually continued this!

Home Purging List Update | Perks of Being a JAP | www.perksofbeingajap.com

The linen closet is in desperate need of a purge and I could definitely go through the bathroom to get rid of expired items and things I don’t use… but I feel accomplished with the other areas I’ve tackled.

Get up when my alarm goes off – This is going to be a tricky one. I am a SNOOZER. And then I rush around and leave for work in a tizzy and it’s just not good. I eventually want to start getting up earlier so I can have a nice, slow start to my day but let’s just try waking up with my 6:05am alarm first. 🙂

Have more patience with Sadie – Some of this may be tied to getting up with my alarm in the mornings, but I want to have more patience with her in general. She is so good but like most kids has her moments and knows how to push my buttons. I swear she’s 6 going on 16! Our mornings are rough and we butt heads at other times. I want to work on this.

Have more date nights – Dave and I rarely get a date night. I want to make sure we put more of an effort into spending time with each other (and not just sitting in front of the TV together). What we really need is a local, reliable babysitter and for us to actually plan ahead at least a date night a month.

Spend time with friends – I feel like I’m becoming closer with some of the moms I’ve met from Sadie’s school but I am missing out on a group of friends. I also have a bad habit of allowing anxiety to get in the way of social outings and then back out of plans. I need to put in more effort on my end as well and not expect it to come to me.

Come up with some sort of a cleaning schedule – We are terrible about regularly cleaning our house. I’ve made efforts to be better about it but when you work full time and often travel for work its hard to keep up. I can barely keep up with the laundry! I want to make a realistic cleaning schedule that will keep me cleaning consistently.

What are your goals for the new year?


  1. My Dave does most of our cooking too! I’m going to have to make more of my own things this year though because I’m starting a diet!

  2. Mike does most of our cooking, too, so this is high up on my list!

  3. Oof, that snoozing goal is too real for me. I’m a big snoozer too and end up having to rush around, like you said. Happy New Year! 🙂

  4. Girl, you are so lucky that your hubs does the cooking! My hubs only knows how to make eggs. Lol.

  5. Thank you so much for linking up with us! I love reading all of your goals. I made the switch of getting up when my alarm goes off the first time and it’s a game changer. I love my slow, peaceful mornings now. Hope your year is great!

  6. Jenna Lathrop says

    I loved all of your goals! Getting up with the alarm clock will be a game changer. Also, I have been purging like crazy, I feel like if it is not nailed down it is in the trash. Haha. I love that your husband does the cooking! I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2019!

  7. These goals resonate with me so much — I am 100% with you on the patience, date nights, and time with friends! Here’s to a great 2019!

  8. I do the rushing around before work thing, too. I even moved my start time back 30 minutes to give myself more time, but that just means I can sleep a bit later and still rush around. SIGH. 😉

    It’s always so comforting to find out other people cancel social plans due to anxiety. We’re all in this together!

    • Honestly I’ve been getting up with my alarm for almost two weeks now and its a game changer. My mornings are so much more smooth, calm and stress-free. I love it!

      And speaking of social anxiety – I just wrote a post about anxiety/loneliness/friendships that has been stewing for a while.

  9. I love that a lot of your goals are flexible and something you can continually work on… how are you loving your treadmill? I have to confess, I am a snoozer, too. I’m trying to change that.

    • The treadmill is great! I have to say I wish there was a search feature on the videos that come with it because its a little hard to find exact ones to fit your fitness level or time preference right away, but otherwise its great! And I’ve been going on 2 weeks without snoozing and it is a GAME CHANGER.


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